May 15th: Marks & Spencer Cranberry & Cashew Bar

Kcal 198 Fat 8.7g Fat(sats) 4.2g Carbs 26.0g

I hope you aren't all getting bored of me reviewing these snack bars as I still have a few left. Although I have already rapped M&S over their blatant disregard for originality with these bars their take of the Apricot, Mango & Almond was actually rather good, with my only displeasure coming in the form of a rather dastardly nut. Regardless, I decided to give their range another chance, today looking at their Cranberry & Cashew bar. This bar didn't just stop at the promised cranberries and cashews contained within its yogurt coating - it also involved additional pieces of dried apricot and almonds.

The product came in a pretty predictable 45.0g size that provided me with a rather fulfilling snack to go with a spot of afternoon tea ... how very English of me! Annoyingly the product only displayed its nutritional information in a 100.0g form, though committed as I am I calculated that all for you above ... good god I am too kind! I liked the presentation of this product, the bar looked rather appetising with its large pieces of fruit and nut nicely dispersed, whilst the wrapper was also coloured relevantly and kept it all rather fresh. The smell was also pretty pleasant with some dairy like scents emanating in and amongst some nutty, sweet honey like aromas.

Much like I found with the M&S Apricot, Almond and Mango bar, the yogurt coating was well implemented, and delivered an ever present creaminess that had the slightest of sour tangs in its aftertaste. As mentioned the cranberries and nuts were well spread out across the bar, which meant that each bite was full of flavour. The cranberries were quite forthcoming with their acidic berry influence, though at the same time still had a nice sweetness that stopped them from being too sour and tart. The cashew nuts were for me the shining stars. I have forever been banging on about how they are under used in the confectionery market, and this bar gave even more evidence to this. The cashews were mild mannered though brought some delicious buttery, crunchy elements to each bite, in my opinion they are far superior to the more commonly used almond nuts. The whole 45.0g proved a satisfying amount, a fact that was largely down to the rather minimal amount of rice cereal needed to fuse the bar together - this was a bar really crammed full of its ingredients.

Overall this is my favourite out of all the Eat Natural, M&S rip-offs I have tried thus far. The blend of the tangy fruit, and subtle flavours of the nuts made for a really quite delicious accompaniment for the creamy yogurt filling. In a perfect world perhaps the dried apricots could have been substituted for additional cranberries, as they rather got lost in and amongst all the other elements. This is probably the best of its kind I have tried to date, though as I have said I still have a few left to try - definitely worth a look at if cereal bars are your thing.

8.2 out of 10