May 16th: Lindt Blueberry-Lavender Fine Mousse

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

No I have not gone crackers ... you are reading the title of this bar correctly!! Dean-German-Grocery sent across another sampling package last week and in and amongst the five years supply of chocolate they sent (lol!) was this rather unique bar. Described as 'dark chocolate with a chocolate mousse centre and blueberry-lavender filling' I really didn't know quite what to expect. Lavender and chocolate!? Surely this couldn't work!??? ... there was of course only one way to find out.

This is the first bar from Lindt's 'Fine Mousse' range that I have reviewed and it came in a 150.0g format. The presentation of the product was pretty flawless with the black coloured background and gold coloured writing cutting a very sophisticated look. The chocolate was also well constructed with each piece very distinct with its three layers and branding placed on top. One slight criticism that I did have was that the whole bar was split into only ten blocks, which made each one a little too big for my liking.

I normally write about the aroma of the product briefly but what I experienced with this bar demanded it be given a substantial mention. The chocolate quite frankly didn't smell like chocolate at all. Had this been a blindfold test I would probably have guessed that the bar was a product from Evelyn & Crabtree and not even chocolate. The flowery smell of the lavender was extremely forthcoming and proved to be a real distraction to the actual good tasting chocolate.

For all its strength in the smell the lavender was thankfully absent from the taste. The 70% dark chocolate was surprisingly friendly in its taste and never reached anything like what could be described as bitter. It delivered some delicious cocoa flavours that were grew in intensity as the thick melt progressed and revealed the softer, smoother yet just as flavoursome chocolate mousse layer. Positioned above the mousse was the blueberry element that had a gooey jam like texture. The blueberry filling delivered some striking wild berry, red fruit flavours that had a nice tartness to it making for some lasting flavours in the mouth. In regards to taste this bar was surprisingly really rather good and I had no complaints whatsoever.

Overall had it not been for the background smell of the lavender I probably would have enjoyed this bar even more than I did. To be honest I think the lavender element was more implemented for a shock factor rather than delivering something actually incremental to the chocolate. I am still a little bemused myself to how someone at Lindt could possibly of thought it could of helped the bar!? Who knows!? Forgetting about the lavender this was a bar that at the heart of it tasted really rather good and combined a good quality dark chocolate with a pleasant blueberry filling. Do I recommend this bar? Probably not based on the fact the lavender serves as too much of a distraction. If your the adventurous type though this could be one to put on the wish list ... its certainly unique I will give it that.

7.5 out of 10