May 1st: Marks & Spencer Chocolate Chip Shortbread

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

I know, I know this isn't the usual sort of review you get on Chocolate Mission, but having spent the majority of last year eating one of these for brekkie as I ran through M&S on my way to work I couldn't help but pick one up today to give it a review. As you will be able to see by the packaging these are freshly made in the M&S bakery, and are simply formed of shortbread biscuit with chocolate chips, dusted with a sprinkle of white sugar.

As I said above I used to commonly buy one of these before work in the morning for the rather small price of 59p. Anyone who has been into a M&S that has a bakery will know that they are one of those cheeky retailers that waft out the delicious smells from their ovens into the main store ... the shortbread piece I ate for this review smelt absolutely divine with a fresh biscuity aroma. Aesthetically it wasn't the most inspiring of products ever, but the chocolate chips were well dispersed, and the white sugar added interest. 

So how to describe the taste?? ... luxurious in nearly every sense would probably do it justice. The shortbread base was wonderfully balanced with both influences of a sweet and salty nature. The butter taste was predominant throughout, and substantiated a real moreishness to each bite. As mentioned the shortbread was of a good quality with the sweet brown sugar flavours nicely complimented by a touch of saltiness. The chocolate chips were nicely sized, and exerted just about the right amount of chocolaty influence on the biscuit. I really enjoyed the more milky flavours that the chocolate brought to the taste, but saying that I think dark chocolate chips could potentially bring something extra special. To be honest I did brush off a large degree of the white sugar dusting, as I thought the taste was already sweet enough ... it must be said though the sticking of the white sugar to the fingers did make it a bit of fun to eat. 

Overall this has to be one of my favourite products you can get from M&S. I keep saying that 'I am not the biggest biscuit fan' ... but I am beginning to disbelieve this myself given how much I love this shortbread. This is a product that combines a good quality biscuit with a wonderful chocolate influence. Next time your passing through M&S I insist you treat yourself to one of these. I promise you won't regret it!

8.7 out of 10