May 1st: Ritter Sport Advocaat (Eierlikor)

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Today I am reviewing my 30th product from the Ritter Sport range, and it is a bar that I haven't seen reviewed on any other site. This Ritter Sport Advocaat variant was part of the spring collection sent to me by Dean-German-Grocery, and was simply formed of a 'advocaat truffle filling with a milk chocolate coating'. My experiences with Advocaat are admittedly pretty limited, though I have to be known to indulge in a few 'Snowballs' (Advocaat and lemonade) during recent Christmas periods. For those unaware Advocaat is a liqueur that is formed of mostly eggs and brandy (See HERE).

This was a bar from the standard Ritter Sport range so it of course came in the usual 100.0g size. The yellow colouring of the wrapper seemed relevant to the flavour theme, whilst I thought the cream coloured filling at the centre of each block gave the chocolate a very appetising look. As with most Ritter Sport products the bar was kept in immaculate condition by the well fitted plastic wrapper. The tight preservation also meant that the aroma of the bar was nicely maintained; it was certainly not the strongest smelling chocolate ever, but some sweet cocoa scents did emit.

I am forever remarking that Ritter Sport chocolate on its own isn't the greatest and that it is normally the fillings that make so many of their bars great. Indeed the chocolate here again proved to be sound, yet unspectacular. The quite familiar milky and mild cocoa flavours were established early in the taste and were delivered nicely with a smooth, thick melt. Despite being portioned as generously as most Ritter fillings (35.0%) the Advocaat truffle filling unfortunately failed in establishing the level of incremental flavours I was hoping for. In comparison to other variants from the Ritter Sport range the cream based flavours of the filling tasted a little mellow and just failed to grab my taste buds with any meaningful flavours. In between the creamy flavours there were signs of the brandy coming through but on the whole it really failed to create much excitement. The culmination of the standard chocolate and uninspiring Advocaat truffle filling left me feeling quite unsatisfied.

Overall I am sure you will be able to tell by now that this was one of the poorer of the 30 Ritter Sport products I have tried. As I have said many a time Ritter Sport chocolate needs to be complimented well by the central flavour of the bar. When this is not the case as with this Advocaat Truffle bar the result is obviously never going to be an overly positive one. With most reviews you may have noticed that I can generally find at least a few clusters of people I can recommend the product to, unfortunately this just isn't the case with this one. This was far from being a poor tasting bar, but given the standard of the rest of the range you would be better off looking elsewhere.

6.8 out of 10