May 21st: Galaxy Amicelli

Kcal 65 Fat 3.3g Fat(sats) 2.1g Carbs 7.7g (per 12.5g piece)

For some reason I have long ignored this product and for some reason always overlooked it when I had seen it in the shops. Ignore it I could no longer though as Dean-German-Grocery sent me a pack in the latest sampling package that they sent across. Although the Amicelli branding is rather Italian sounding I was surprised to read that these were manufactured in Austria. The on-pack description read 'light wafers filled with hazelnut praline wrapped in Galaxy milk chocolate' which I must admit sounded all pretty good to me.

The product came in 200.0g box that contained 16 separate finger pieces. I instantly loved the presentation with the usual light brown Galaxy colours implemented on a uniquely shaped box that opened with a very intricate flap system. Inside the box the finger pieces were all contained within plastic wrappers. Despite their delicate form they were all kept in very good condition with none appearing damaged. In keeping with the pretty flawless presentation the smell of each individual finger was also really rather pleasant with each combining a dairy led sweet scent with a nice hint of nut.

I thought the pieces were very suitably sized and each made for a wonderful biscuit substitute to compliment an afternoon/after dinner coffee. The milk chocolate that surrounded each finger was what you come to expect from Galaxy. It was thick in its melt and had a wonderful creamy nature about its smooth ebbing taste. The wafer element was also really rather good and brought some honeycomb crisp like flavours with its crunchy light texture. Running through the middle of each piece sat a pretty standard, yet still pretty pleasant praline filling that certainly didn't fail in delivering a nice hazelnut edge to each bite. It wasn't the greatest tasting praline filling going but it complimented the creamy milk chocolate and biscuity flavours of the chocolate well.

Overall it is a shame I ignored these for so long as they have actually now become a staple product to be present in my cupboard. I would necessarily rate these as a product to eat one after another, though I would say they are the perfect little treat to have with a hot drink or after a quite filling meal. The chocolate hit is delivered with the outer coating, whilst the inner wafer and praline elements add a degree of interest and prestige to the overall taste. If you are yet to try these I would strongly suggest you make a point of doing so. They may not strike you as a product that is particularly special but believe you me they really are worth trying.

8.7 out of 10