May 22nd: Ferrero Hanuta

Kcal 115 Fat 6.8g Carbs 11.6g (per 22.0g piece)

Fans of the Kinder Bueno attention as this is a product I am sure you will be very much interested in! Contained within my latest sampling package from Dean-German-Grocery were a fair few packets of these Ferrero Hanuta. These came described as 'Waffle biscuits' and were formed of two key constituents. As you will see in the picture above a middle chocolate hazelnut creme layer is sandwiched in between two enticing looking wafers; suffice to say all appeared a recipe for success though of course I had the pleasure of finding out for myself.

As mentioned Dean-German-Grocery sent over several packs of these which themselves contained two 22.0g pieces. The packaging was all very Ferrero with the white background and red and gold writing instantly making it recognisable to the brand. The presentation of the pieces themselves also looked particularly appetising with each of them contained within gold wrappers; this kept them looking both fresh and well presented. Upon opening the packet the hazelnut element made itself instantly recognisable with a whole host of savoury nutty smells very forthcoming in between the sweet biscuit smells emanating from the product.

Due to me liking the product so much I want to get the bad stuff out the way first. Despite looking fresh and being well within its sell by date the texture of the wafer wasn't as crisp as I wanted it to be. To test this out I obviously had to consume many of these (any excuse haha!!) but with every one of them I found the wafers to be just a bit too soft and lacking the desired crunch. Despite the lack of bite the wafers provided a decent amount of flavour and brought some very enjoyable wheaty, biscuit flavour influences to each bite. Of course the majority of the taste however was about the chocolate and hazelnut centre and boy was it divine. It was denser in its texture than I thought it would be, yet it retained a good degree of moistness. The chocolate hit was well delivered with some immediate cocoa flavours evident, though the most influential element was the hazelnut. The filling contained small pieces of crunchy hazelnut that when bitten into released a wonderful surge of woody, nutty flavours. The central filling was quite rich in its flavours, though at the same time had an incredible moreishness - I struggled limiting myself to one pack at a time.

Overall put another tick in the box for Ferrero as this was yet another highly enjoyable product from their vast portfolio. The chocolate hazelnuts filling was simply superb in almost every regard. It was rich in taste and had a wonderful contrast of smooth and crunchy texture elements that gave it both interest and uniqueness. Ferrero certainly do have a lot of products that incorporate both chocolate and hazelnuts as they key components, though I am struggling to think of one that isn't unique enough to warrant existence. The Ferrero Hanuta came now be added to the ever growing list of reputable Ferrero products, I very much recommend it.

8.4 out of 10