May 23rd: Nestle Milk Chocolate

Kcal 207 Fat 10.6g Carbs 25.6g 

Before I kick on with this review I must thank ChocolateMission reader Alan who was kind enough to send this along for me to try. You may all recall from reviews such as the Kit Kat, Lion, Munchies etc that I generally find Nestle milk chocolate does a job in supplying the desired chocolate flavour hit to the additional flavour elements involved. Never before though had I come across a plain Nestle milk chocolate bar ... well not until Alan sent this one to me.

The bar came in a 40.0g size and was split into four square shaped blocks. On the whole I thought that the presentation was a little lacklustre. Nothing about the packaging really stood out to me and I just thought it cut an over simplistic look. The actual chocolate itself didn't look much better - the four square blocks were neither branded with the Nestle logo or patterned at all and just looked very plain. Despite being failed to be impressed aesthetically I thought the product smelt reasonably nice and had dairy based sweet smell. 

The wrapper stated that the bar contained 25% cocoa which is actually more than Cadbury Dairy Milk (22%). Although the Nestle bar could boast this, that was really the only thing where the Nestle chocolate was superior. Both the taste and texture of the chocolate were affected by the obviously high sugar content of the bar. The taste started off with some pleasant full milk flavours though as the melt of the chocolate progressed the sweetness literally dominated the taste and made for an experience that was verging on throat burning. As aforementioned it wasn't just the taste where the sugar was evident - the texture of the chocolate had a grainy feel to its melt; it was almost as if I could feel the sugar in the chocolate.

Overall as you can guess I really didn't think much of this bar. I have been enjoying some very high quality milk chocolate products from Hotel Chocolat and Lindt recently so comparisons were always going to be a little harsh. Still though when put in the context of similar priced alternatives like Cadbury Dairy Milk and Galaxy Milk Chocolate this Nestle offering just wasn't up to scratch. I still think it is an adequate milk chocolate to grace products that are more focused on their additional elements, but as a solus milk chocolate bar this is one that I wouldn't recommend.

5.2 out of 10