May 24th: Milka Pasteten-EI

Kcal 535 Fat 35.0g Carbs 47.0g (per 100.0g)

I don't know about you but whenever I get one of those large hollow chocolate eggs at Easter the thought of 'I wish this was solid chocolate' often comes across my mind. Well until now this has always just stayed somewhat of a dream, though thanks to a combination of Milka and Dean-German-Grocery this recently became a reality in the form of this Milka Pasteten-EI egg. This egg came described as a mixture of 'dark and alpine milk chocolate filled with hazelnut marzipan and an almond creme filling'.

The egg came in a 175.0g size which felt very solid and heavy in hand. In regards to presentation the egg came only protected by a thin foil wrapper which I thought wasn't all that impressive. Where the aesthetics of the outer packaging failed the egg certainly looked very tempting indeed. The cross-section revealed the chocolate to be thick, the marzipan plentiful and the almond creme a lovely looking peanut butter like substance. Despite the egg only being sealed by a thin foil layer the product didn't fail in enticing with its plethora of cocoa and nut rooted scents.

The easiest way to eat this egg was to eat slices at a time which was very easy to do once the egg was halved. The product was really a story of two different things - a nice outer chocolate but with some poor fillings. The chocolate that coated the egg was extremely nice and just had a touch more emphasis on its cocoa flavours than the traditional Alpine Milk Milka chocolate. The melt of the chocolate was also very smooth and despite the amplification of the cocoa the hazelnut note in the aftertaste was still present. The marzipan and almond creme fillings though I felt were a let down. The marzipan tasted extremely sugary and had a dry chalky texture - this certainly was no Niederegger. Although the almond filling looked like peanut butter it had no where near the level of taste. It had a pleasant smoothness but seemed completely devoid of any flavour whatsoever which I was extremely disappointed with.

Overall I am sad to say this was one of the poorer Milka products I have reviewed over the past year or so. As you will have gathered from above there was nothing wrong with the chocolate at all, it was just the poor quality fillings that really let this egg down. Both the marzipan and nut fillings were simply just not up to standard which obviously culminated in a pretty underwhelming experience. Obviously it may be a little late getting hold of one of these eggs this year as Easter is well gone - if you come across one next year though I wouldn't really recommend it.

6.8 out of 10