May 24th: Niederegger Weissbrot

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Since the end of last year whenever I have been offered the opportunity to try a Niederegger product I have never turned Dean-German-Grocery down. This is simply because I think they make the nicest marzipan in the world ... and yes folks this is coming from a guy who doesn't like marzipan!! I think Niedereggers produce is so good that I have today decided to review a product from their range that contains no chocolate whatsoever ... the Weissbrot. The Weissbrot is simply a thick bar of marzipan and is pretty much the same product as the Neidregger Dark Chocolate Loaf sans the dark chocolate.

Dean-German-Grocery sent me a 75.0g bar that I consumed across a week long period. As you can see above the packaging was very nice looking, and I liked it for its simplicity and eagerness to show off the lovely product that sat inside. Out its packet the loaf retained its shape nicely, and as you can see from the cross-section could be cut easily with very little crumbling or fragmenting. The only small criticism I could have about the product as a whole was the way that it lost its gorgeous almond smell as the week progressed. I guess the time it took me to ate it did it no favours, though I could hardly write a review without being able to criticise one aspect :)

As mentioned this took me the best part of a week to consume. I mainly ate slices at a time with a hot drink and I must say it certainly complimented both a coffee and hot cocoa very well indeed. My love for marzipan has only developed since trying Niederegger so I am a bit of newbie in regards to the market. When I was younger I developed a dislike for it as I thought it was just an overly sweet, monotonous tasting icing sugar type confection. Personally I like food to have a bit more complexity in its flavours ... and this is exactly what Niederegger marzipan delivers. It is obviously sweet, yet not overly so; and has some pastry like attributes that bring dough and flour flavours to the fore giving it a less intense and imposing nature. This tastes a whole lot better than it sounds, and the strong almond flavours round off the taste nicely leaving flavours of butter and nuts lingering in the mouth for a long time after. These are all delivered in what is a lovely dense texture that just has the slightest moistness to its crumble and provides a moreish yet very fulfilling and rich snack.

Overall I hope I have managed to describe this product well enough and do it the justice it deserves. I guess the message I am trying to convey is that even if you don't like marzipan I honestly think you would be a fool to pass up a least trying something from this fantastic range. Being brutally honest the chocolate that Niederegger use is normally not the best, so frankly I would experiment using this 'Weissbrot' plain loaf. This is a wonderful product that can be enjoyed in so many ways - with a hot drink, ice cream, cakes ... you name it I am sure it would be great. This is a product really worth trying and is worthy of its 9.0 ChocolateMission rating.

9.0 out of 10