May 25th: Hotel Chocolat Tutti Frutti

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

I am not sure if a lot of youngster nowadays will know what 'Tutti Frutti' is but I remember it being one of my favourite desserts as a kid. Hotel Chocolat say that this slab was 'inspired by memories of ice-creams and summer holidays' and is formed of 'fruit flavoured white chocolate and 40% milk chocolate studded with raisins, cherries and pistachios'. I had never seen a concoction like this one before and having read Dom's very complimentary review over a Chocablog (See HERE) I was really looking forward to getting stuck into this one.

The Tutti Frutti is part of the Hotel Chocolat Giant Slab range and came in a 500.0g size. This of course took a good number of days to eat though I often found myself breaking off large chunks to nibble on when I was hungry. As you can see above the presentation was simply first class and the slab looked an absolute treat with the 'graffiti' artwork on the surface. I thought it made the product look more like a painting rather than a bar for eating. When I finally stopped admiring the aesthetics I opened the paper wrapper and was met with a waft of fruity cocoa scents - I knew I was in for a treat once again.

I could bore you and tell you how delicious the 40% milk chocolate was again though I think you have probably gathered from previous reviews that it is really milk chocolate at its finest. Instead I will concentrate of the fruit flavoured white chocolate and the additional fruit and nut pieces - all of which combined for a wonderfully diverse flavour set. The white chocolate had the usual Hotel Chocolat white chocolate cream based flavours though the normal vanilla note was less prominent due to the added fruit flavouring. The fruit flavouring was sweet and gave the chocolate red berry note that I would say was akin to raspberry and strawberry. As with all good chocolate the taste developed and progressed in the mouth with every bite. The initial flavours of the cocoa from the milk chocolate and the creamier milky flavours from the white chocolate were always built upon by either bursts of juicy tarty flavours from the cherry pieces, sugary flavours of the raisins or the bolder woody flavours of the pistachios - some fantastic bites had all these influences in one. All this culminated in a taste experience that was wonderfully progressive and variable - it was almost like you never knew what to expect from each bite.

Overall Hotel Chocolat managed to craft yet another bar that tasted brilliant, had wonderful variable textures and was presented superbly. This Tutti Frutti slab didn't just bring a huge nostalgia hit, but also a huge variety of flavours to the party. Where there is 40% milk chocolate involved you know Hotel Chocolat are going to deliver - it was again simply stunning. The real deal with this slab though came in the way the white chocolate, fruit and nuts combined to give an exciting, diverse and luxurious taste with every bite. What with products like the Arctic Roll coming back to our shelves it may not be long before a Tutti Frutti product makes an appearance. For the minute though if you need your Tutti Frutti craving fulfilled then I would really recommend you get familiar with this offering from Hotel Chocolat.

9.0 out of 10