May 26th: Kit Kat Cookies+

Kcal 200 Fat 12.6g Carbs 19.4g

Put in the context of the Sweet Potato and Azuki Bean flavours I guess this Kit Kat Cookies+ was one of the more reserved variants I have tried from Japan. This was a product yet again supplied to me by J-List and came with the promise of an extra multi grain cookie influence to the traditional Kit Kat. Although I couldn't read the description on the packaging it was obvious that this Kit Kat constituted of a standard milk chocolate coating, with the wafer layers lined with the extra cookie pieces.

As with most Kit Kats from Japan the presentation was spot on and it actually varied slightly from other Kit Kat products I have had from the region. This Cookies+ product came in a cardboard sleeve and was divided into larger than normal sized fingers weighing 17.5g each. When cross-sectioned the wafer layers looked more defined than normal with some of the layers having a lighter appearance than the ones sandwiching them. In regards to smell the product varied ever so slightly from a standard milk chocolate Kit Kat in that it had a stronger biscuit like smell emanating from the wafer.

Despite giving Nestle milk chocolate a bit of a bashing a few weeks ago I thought the outer coating did its usual fine job of supplying a milky flavoured chocolate base taste to each bite. Although the differentiation from a standard Kit Kat could probably be described as minimal there were subtle differences. Most notably the malty flavours of the wafer seemed more progressive and the usual malt flavours were built upon by extra wheat and brown sugar notes. The middle wafer layers also seemed to have an extra degree of crunchiness which gave each bite a nice sound when broken apart. The combined 35.0g made for a decent snack and complimented a mid afternoon coffee nicely.

Overall this was yet another solid showing from the Kit Kat brand though I think that someone importing this bar especially from Japan could possibly feel a little disappointed. I say this as apart from some minor taste and texture differences this bar really failed to set itself apart from a normal milk chocolate Kit Kat. This of course doesn't make it a bad bar at all - as I have said it was pretty damn tasty. If your importing from Japan though you might want to go for something a little more adventurous to make it worth your while - believe me there are plenty more products at J-List that meet that criteria.

8.0 out of 10