May 26th: Thorntons Toffee Milk Chocolate

Kcal 512 Fat 34.2g Fat(sats) 21.6g Carbs 43.7g (per 100.0g)

I couldn't possibly turn down a 3 for £5 on this Thorntons range so your going to have to put up with yet another review from this square bars line. Todays variant came in the form of the 'Toffee Milk Chocolate', which on the back of the pack was described as 'Mexican milk chocolate with chewy pieces of special toffee'. You may remember back to my review of the 'Fudge' variant of this range where I complained that the 14% fudge wasn't sufficient - looking at the 7% toffee pieces stated in the ingredients my hopes weren't all that high. 

The presentation was all same old, same old. The product came in a 90.0g serving that I managed to devour in a standard two helpings. It wasn't until I looked back over my previous reviews from this range that I noticed that the colouring of the packaging of this variant was extremely similar to that of the 'Dark Chocolate and Ginger'. Branding aside they looked almost identical however it must be said I was still impressed by the patterns crafted into the chocolate despite it also being the same across the range. All fears that the toffee element might be lacking in this chocolate were laid to rest when I smelt the bar. A fantastic variety of sweet caramel scents really gave the bar a very tempting aroma that certainly didn't fail to entice.

Had this Mexican milk chocolate been solus and without the additional toffee ingredient I frankly probably wouldn't have thought that much of it. It had a relatively pleasant creamy milk taste, yet at the same time was just a little bit unexciting and lacking a real zip in its flavours. With this bar however the mellow nature of the chocolate played nicely into the hands of the toffee element that despite its minimal sounding implementation (8%) really delivered the desired flavour hit. Behind the smooth melting chocolate were some small crunchy toffee pieces that released some truly wonderful sweet butterscotch flavours when encountered. The portioning of these pieces to me seemed bang on and was correctly balanced to deliver a flavoursome and relatively satisfying chocolate. 

Overall Thorntons' up and down scores continue, but thankfully this bar was one of their better attempts at the combining of one of their chocolates and an additional flavour element. As I said the milk chocolate on its own wasn't anything that special yet as mentioned its mild flavours actually complimented the toffee ingredient very well and allowed it greater expression. This is probably a chocolate that you know whether you would enjoy by name and don't need me recommending it for you ... well I am going to anyway :) If you are looking for a slightly cheaper (but not as good) alternative to your Hotel Chocolat Caramellow you could do little wrong giving this product a try.

8.3 out of 10