May 28th: Ritter Sport Karamell Nuss

Kcal 577 Fat 39.4g Fat(sats) 21.9g Carbs 48.5g (per 100.0g)

Not a month seems to go by without Ritter Sport introducing another new flavour to their already pretty large range. Todays flavours of the month came in the form of this Ritter Sport Caramel Nut bar which was provided to me by the wonderful people at Dean-German-Grocery. This bar promised the combination of 'milk chocolate with a caramel creme centre containing hazelnut pieces and rice flakes'. Previous Ritter Sport offerings have shown that they do some fabulous fillings and this one certainly sounded like it could be a winner.

The bar came in the traditional 100.0g square bar format which I ate in two 50.0g sittings. The colour of the packaging was a nice gold colour and displayed the caramel and hazelnut contents pictorially which gave it a nice appeal. The chocolate itself looked absolutely fantastic as well - as you can see above the filling looked very generously portioned sandwiched in between the chocolate with the hazelnut and cereal pieces nicely on display. The smell of the product certainly matched the aesthetics and a very tempting sweet buttery smell soon emanated upon removal from the plastic packet.

The bar was formed with the standard Ritter Sport milk chocolate which provided its ever commendable creamy cocoa base flavours to each piece. Like most good Ritter Sport bars the flavours and texture of the chocolate really took a back seat and allowed the simply stunning filling to really take a hold of the taste. The key component to the filling was the caramel creme centre which provided an amazingly tasty cream and toffee taste to each bite. It tasted a whole lot like fudge, yet had a more moist feel to it giving it a wonderfully smooth silky texture. Despite the hazelnut pieces being chopped rather fine they delivered the desired woody nut flavours that the bar promised. The crunchy nuts pieces and rice crispies certainly proved to be very complimentary to the caramel and contributed well to what was a stunningly delicious taste. To be honest I am glad Dean-German-Grocery sent me across a few bars of this to sample as despite a 50.0g serving proving really quite fulfilling at a time this was a bar I simply couldn't get enough of.

Overall Ritter Sport have proved that once again when it comes to making unique and tasty filled chocolate they can really deliver on a grand scale. The milk chocolate was its ever unspectacular self though there is no denying it did well in allowing the centre filling to take centre stage. The caramel creme, hazelnuts and rice pieces made for a combination that was simply brilliant in every regard. It was full of flavour and combined a wonderful array of textures that kept my interest from the very first to the very last piece I ate. If your a Ritter Sport, caramel or hazelnut fan then I strongly suggest that this a bar you try get hold of. This was definitely one of my favourites of the year so far and very worthy of its 9.0 rating.

9.0 out of 10