May 29th: Milka Gipfeltraum

Kcal 575 Fat 38.0g Fat(sats) 21.5g Carbs 52.5g (per 100.0g)

Included in my latest package from Dean-German-Grocery I was lucky to be the recipient of the new summer flavours from the Milka range. A direct translation of the name of this bar 'Milka Gipfeltraum' is 'Milka Dream Summit' which obviously revealed absolutely nothing about the flavour whatsoever. A closer inspection of the packaging revealed that the bar was formed of 'Apline milk chocolate with a blueberry creme filling and crunchy caramel pieces' ... it was a unique combination I will give it that.

The bar came in the very familiar 100.0g size which took me about three sitings to eat in its entirety. As I have mentioned I thought the branding was a little weak, though the pictures on the packaging gave the bar a relative appeal displaying the blueberry fruits and a realistic looking cross section. Speaking of cross sections you can see above that the filling had a rather off purple colouring to it!? I did find myself asking when blueberries had in actual fact been purple in colour? What was worrying me more however was the sweet artificial fruity smell that was emanating from the bar - frankly it smelt cheap and not all that enticing.

Remembering back to my review of the Milka Strawberry Yogurt a few months ago that bar was showing all these worrying signs yet managed to actually pull it out the bag in regards to the taste. Unfortunately I didn't perceive this to be the case here and thought this was a product that was disappointing. The outer Alpine Milk chocolate as ever delivered a creamy, hazelnut noted chocolate though things went noticeable downhill from here. Just as the smell suggested the blueberry element was extremely artificial in its overly sweet taste and just lacked the real fruity flavours that I was hoping it would deliver. To compound the already sweet taste the 'caramel pieces' seemed to do little more than just add bursts of sugary flavours and seemed to just disrupt both the taste and the textures of the bar. Frankly the combination just didn't work for me and the two caramel and fruit elements just didn't compliment each other in any form.

Overall it is not often I am disappointed with Milka products but I have to say this was one of their poorest efforts to date. As mentioned above the blueberry element was so chemically derived it just lost all semblance and grounding of its fruit flavours and really just brought an overly sweet element to the taste. This combined with the fact the caramel pieces seemed very out of place meant that this just on the whole wasn't that enjoyable which is something I not often say about Milka products. My opinion is that this bar is well worth leaving alone - there are far better options in the range.

6.6 out of 10