May 2nd: Lindt Weisse Chocolade

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Dean-German-Grocery have sent me some fantastic Lindt white chocolate bars before - see Lindt Excellence White Chocolate Coconut & Stracciatella. Given the enjoyment I got from both of those I was expecting good things from this plain Lindt White Chocolate bar. A direct translation of the on pack description promised that this bar was 'Extra Tender' so I was certainly expecting a smooth taste.

This bar could came in a 100.0g size. Unfortunately the packaging on the bar I recieved was slightly damaged so I had to nick the picture above from the Dean-German-Grocery site - I still thought however that the bar had a sophisticated look which I think is normally quite hard to pull off with white chocolate products as the colours used tend to be lighter in colour. The chocolate itself looked relatively nice but I was disappointed that the blocks were so small in size as it meant that the product was a little fiddly. As the product was contained within a foil layer the aroma was well sustained with some vanilla hints evident in the dominant dairy smell.

Just as with the other Lindt white chocolate bars I mentioned earlier the texture of the melt was just as wonderfully smooth and certainly delivered the promise of the chocolate being 'extra tender'. The chocolate transformed from its solid state into a nice thick liquid on the tongue with a pleasurable smoothness. Whilst I was enjoying the texture immensely I can't say I was getting as much satisfaction from the taste. Normally I ridicule white chocolate for being too sugar based but it was completely the opposite here. The flavours were frankly pretty mild - the cream and vanilla elements that were evident were delicious, but unfortunately just a little meagre and failed to create the impression I was really hoping they would. I ate this chocolate 50.0g at a time and didn't find it as fulfilling as many other white chocolate alternatives I have had.

Overall reading this review back it seems like I have come down pretty hard on this bar but I think this is more down to being an anticlimax rather than it being a poor product. The textures were divine and had a wonderful smoothness. The taste however was unfortunately not quite as luxurious and just lacked the impetuous that I was seeking. I think this chocolate is one that is suited well to complimenting another flavour enhancer - there is already evidence of that in both the previously Lindt Excellence white chocolate bars. Although I wouldn't go overboard recommending this bar I would say if your a white chocolate fan but find too many of the market offerings overly sweet and sugary this could be worth a look at.

7.6 out of 10