May 31st: Fazer Liqueur Fills Vodka

Kcal 390 Fat 8.6g Fat(sats) 5.1g Carbs 68.0g (per 100.0g)

Dean-German-Grocery have sent me some pretty interesting products to review, but these Fazer Liqueur Fills Vodka have to be up there as one of the most unique. Fazer are a brand who originate from Finland and I have previously reviewed their quite delicious 'Peppermint Cremes'. Todays product however took less of a conventional form, and constituted of 'chocolates filled with vodka (4.7%).

I got sent a 150.0g box of these chocolates, which I shared with a few friends to get some further opinions. The presentation of the product was fairly standard, the outer cardboard packaging was reasonably well designed and each of the chocolates were nicely wrapped in branded foil wrappers. I was slightly disappointed at the look of the chocolates themselves as they lacked branding and had to be eaten in one mouthful as biting into them caused the fillings to spill everywhere. The smell of the pieces wasn't all the enticing either - they were largely scentless though the minor cocoa scents that were present were not particularly that fresh smelling.

As I have mentioned I did try these along with three other 'co-reviewers', as I must admit I am not a particularly big fan of vodka. The outer chocolate seemed reasonable enough - much like the smell suggested they were not the most forthcoming in their flavours, however once the melt was quite far progressed an unsweetened, milky type taste had been established. At the centre of the pieces lay the vodka fillings which were contained within a thin layer of crystallised sugar. This sugar layer did partially contain the sharpness of the alcohol, but the vodka really did have quite a strong initial kick. Personally I just didn't think there was much of a relationship between the chocolate and the vodka - this was a few shared with the majority of the people who tried them. We all had about four chocolates each but had no real desire to eat anymore.

Overall these are a product which had a lot of novelty value, but just didn't back it up in the taste. The mixture of the plain chocolate and fluid vodka centres just didn't really really work in my opinion, there was nothing particularly wrong with either element ... it was just their combination wasn't all that great. As I have said they did have a sense of novelty, and certainly provided a bit of a talking point and excitement prior to trying them. In that sense I would recommend them, but not as good quality chocolates.

6.9 out of 10