May 3rd: Lindt Creola Chili

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

This was the last bar from the Lindt Creola range that Dean-German-Grocery sent me in my latest sampling package. Having really enjoyed the other variants from the selection I was looking forward to this 'Chili' offering, which was a bar formed of 'dark chocolate, filled with a dark cocoa creme centre with cocoa bean chips and ground chilli'. Remembering back to the Lindt Excellence Chilli I must say I was expecting good things from this bar.

The product came in a 150.0g size that I ate over the course of a few days. Just as with the other Creola bars the outer packaging had a very artistic look that was complimented well with some fine looking gold font. The chocolate was split into ten huge blocks that each sported a Lindt logo. When cross-sectioned the distinction between the layers was immediately evident, with the darker coloured cocoa bean chips highly visible in the fluffier looking cocoa creme centre. As soon as I broke the foil wrapper seal I was met with an enticing mix of chilli and dark cocoa scents that certainly set the mood nicely.

The bar did not state the strength of the dark chocolate, however I thought it tasted rather like the 50% Lindt recipe which altogether suited the bar nicely. The melt of the outer chocolate was nicely paced with the chocolate melting into a thick liquid that was nicely concentrated in its flavours. The flavours were predominantly cocoa rooted, though still at the same time had a pleasant smooth milkiness that avoided any bitterness. The cocoa creme that lay below was more forceful with its cocoa flavours with notes of coffee and red fruits altogether making for a pleasant, rich tasting truffle centre. This was a chocolate that did a lot of its talking in its aftertaste and this was where both the cocoa bean chips and chilli element really made this bar special. The cocoa bean chips further brought additional chocolaty bursts when crunched, whilst the chilli added a fantastic warm spicy element to the aftertaste. A few bars I have had recently have really placed to much emphasis on the chilli when incorporating it in to the chocolate; in this bar though I thought the balance was just right and it brought a very exciting edge to the aftertaste.

Overall this has to be my favourite chilli flavoured bar of all time and has even surpassed the Lindt Excellence Chilli on the ChocolateMission rating system. The combination of the thick melting outer chocolate, divine truffle centre and wonderful chilli and cocoa bean pieces all combined to deliver a wonderful array of flavours and textures. The balance of each element enabled all of these disparate parts of the bar to contribute to what overall was a delicious, progressive chocolate. If your a fan of chilli and chocolate combinations this is definitely a bar I would recommend you seek out - I promise you won't regret it.

8.8 out of 10