May 4th: Kit Kat Extra Creamy Extra Crispy

Kcal 228 Fat 11.7g Carbs 27.5g

I have to firstly thank ChocolateMission reader Alan who ever so kindly sent me this bar to review. At first glance this may just look like a standard Nestle Kit Kat. A better look at the wrapper though reveals that despite the English language used, this was actually a bar imported from Germany. The wrapper also stated that this Kit Kat was 'Extra Creamy & Extra Crispy'. Given the fact I must have consumed unthinkable amounts of Kit Kats during my childhood I thought I would probably be in a good position to see if it differed at all from our UK offering.

As you can see above, the bar was none to dissimilar to the standard Kit Kat we get here in the UK. It similarly weighed in at 45.0g though somewhat noticeably contained slightly less fat. The bar was divided into the traditional four fingers with each sporting the Kit Kat logo. When looking at the fingers cross-sectioned it was noticeable that the chocolate creme between the wafer was more defined in terms of its colouring, and looked to be greater portioned. Contained within a foil wrapper the product remained well maintained and the sweet biscuity aroma didn't fail to entice.

To save beating round the bush I will get straight to the point and confirm that I could perceive very few differences to this bar and our UK Kit Kat. The taste of the outer milk chocolate was very familiar indeed and substantiated the usual milky, sweet cocoa flavours that Nestle milk chocolate is renowned for worldwide. I did detect a slight discrepancy in the flavours of the wafer, and I thought that the malty wheat flavours came through stronger than normal. Despite the cocoa creme appearing more portioned I didn't detect any greater impact on the taste, as I just said it was more the wafer that seemed to have a stronger impact on the taste. The four fingers of course proved to be a wonderful snacking option and certainly delivered a great degree of satisfaction at the same time.

Overall I would have to admit that in a blind taste test I would really struggle to tell one of these German Kit Kats and a UK one apart. Both provide the same wonderful classic combination of milk chocolate and wafers in what is a classical and well presented product. The only small area of differentiation I could detect was with the stronger wafer flavours I got from the German version, though I wouldn't really say it delivered the promised 'Extra Creamy Extra Crispy' billing. If you spot one of these I would urge you to try yourself and see if you can detect and differences - on that note though I honestly wouldn't expect much. 

8.3 out of 10