May 4th: Lyme Regis Dark Chocolate Covered Marzipan

Kcal 188 Fat 9.1g Fat(sats) 2.2g Carbs 23.6g

Ever since trying some of Niederegger's products, no marzipan has simply been able to come anywhere close in terms of level of quality. Bev at Sweet-N-Lite however insisted I try this Lyme Regis marzipan bar that she stocks under the pretense that it is vegetarian and vegan friendly. This offering was simply formed of 80% almond marzipan, which was coated in dark chocolate.

The bar came in a 40.0g serving that provided a really substantial snack considering the relatively low amount of calories. The packaging was fairly appealing aesthetically and cut quite a classy appearance. Although lacking any branding or real decoration the bar looked very appetising. When cross-sectioned the marzipan didn't crumble all over the place, which was an indicative sign of its slightly moist texture. Due to the foil nature of the wrapper the product also revealed a sweet, nutty smell once opened ... this was all looking rather good.

When reviewing marzipan bars now I find it almost impossible to not just contrast them with Niederegger's offering ... so let me do it again with this bar :) For my money the standard of the chocolate was actually better. The dark chocolate was thicker in its portioning and managed to establish some lasting cocoa flavours that lasted throughout the taste. The melt of the chocolate was nice and smooth, which contrasted nicely with the more textured marzipan. The marzipan itself didn't quite have the depth of buttery, nutty flavours as the comparable Niederegger, though it was still enjoyable, and had an extra vanilla like hint in its aftertaste. As I suggested above the texture of the marzipan was wonderful with a touch of moistness. This avoided it being overly dry and any cloying in the mouth.

Overall alongside the Ritter Sport Marzipan, this is a close second in terms of my favourite ever marzipan bar. Admittedly the Niederegger marzipan bars are still in a class of their own, but as far as readily available marzipan bars in the UK I haven't come across any finer. Both the dark chocolate and the marzipan were full of flavour, providing a wonderfully delicious experience. If your a fan of marzipan, I would suggest you try get hold of one of these.

8.0 out of 10