May 6th: Nestle Treasures Relax Caramel Truffle

Kcal 210 Fat 11.0g Fat(sats) 7.0g Carbs 26.0g (per 43.0g - half bar)

Rewind just over a week ago and you will remember me reviewing the Nestle Treasures 'Renew' bar. To be honest it was one of the worst bars I have had in a long while, which didn't fill me with the greatest of confidence in today's Nestle Treasures variant 'Relax'. Cheesy name aside this bar was formed of 'milk chocolate with a caramel filling', and was once again provided to me by the great people at *IShop4YouII*.

Just as with the 'Renew' variant this bar came in a 85.0g size that I ate over two sittings ... yes I did actually finish this one! The presentation was much the same as with the previous review, however the obvious differentiation came in the 'Relax' branding. Opening the gold foil wrapper I was pleasantly surprised - the chocolate looked pretty appetising cross-sectioned with its plentiful caramel portioning, whilst a nice toffee like aroma suggested that this bar may well be alright after all.

Unfortunately looks can be deceiving and in the tale of the taste this was again not the greatest bar of chocolate Nestle have ever produced ... far, far from it in fact. The milk chocolate was superior to that of the 'dark' chocolate from the 'Renew' bar, although it still lacked a cutting edge to its taste. It had a minor milkiness to it though this was quickly dominated by the sweet, sugary taste that quickly exerted itself. As you can probably guess this sugar rush was caused by the caramel ... I always find it a bit silly to describe a caramel as tasting like sugar, but frankly this had no other element such as butter, toffee etc in its taste. As well as tasting like pure sugar it also had a very similar grainy texture that really felt quite horrible in the mouth. Due to the monotonous nature of the taste it really didn't feel like a substantial chocolate.

Overall if your Nestle you're have to feel quite happy with the rather poor score I have given here ... I could have been a lot harsher. The reason why this bar got a 5 for taste and not a 3 was because unlike the last Nestle Treasures bar it actually tasted of something, which although still wasn't that great was actually a step up in one sense. Facing facts this is a pretty simple conclusion - there are far superior milk chocolate caramel combinations out there ... just a small look at the caramel archives will have you pointed in the right direction. Yet again this another Nestle Treasures bar that I won't be recommending.

5.6 out of 10