May 7th: Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Chocolate Flavour

Kcal 135 Fat 3.5g Fat(sats) 1.5g Carbs 24.0g

I must admit I am one of those people that is forever hitting the snooze button on my alarm when it goes off in the morning. The upshot of this is I either have no breakfast at all, or have to eat it on the run. Last week in a rush to make it to a lecture I picked up one of these Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Chocolate Flavour bars from my university shop. Described as a 'soft baked crust pastry with a chocolate flavour filling' it sounded like a fair proposition.

The bar came in a 37.0g serving that I of course ate all in the one sitting. The foil wrapper ensured that the product was kept nicely fresh, whilst it also cut a relatively appealing look. The bar itself also look pretty appetising with its golden pastry and well portioned filling. The same however could not be said for the smell of the product, it had a very odd artificial sweet chemical like smell that was really quite off putting. 

Unfortunately the bar didn't fair better in its taste. The outer portion certainly had a rather odd texture ... it wasn't quite as hard as a biscuit, yet not anything like pastry ... to be honest it had just a rather stodgy, odd moist feel in the mouth. In taste it didn't fair much better either - it had an exceedingly sweet wheaty taste that very soon became both monotonous and sickly. Sitting at the heart of the product was the chocolate flavour filling ... which may as well have been described as a 'brown coloured artificial syrup'. Frankly it had added no cocoa influence of any note whatsoever, and only managed to further add a sugary flavour contribution to the already overly sweet taste. Had I not been the hungriest person in the world I would never have finished this bar ... to add some perspective the second bar I bought (for the purpose of the above photos!!) I threw straight away.

Overall it is never a good sign when after the first mouthful I have to check the best before date to see whether the product is in date ... its even worse when the fact is that it was 5 months in date and literally just tasted 'that bad'. The taste could be summed up in just one word which I have used several times in the above paragraph ... 'sweet' ... and boy was it overly so. The pastry had a very odd artificial taste and the chocolate flavour filling had no resemblance to any chocolate I have had before. I seriously would advise against trying one of these, I for sure will not be purchasing one again in the new future ... extremely poor in nearly every sense.

3.4 out of 10