May 8th: Yaokin "Dora-Choco"

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

You might have guessed that my latest sampling package from J-List has indeed arrived so be prepared for some more rather eccentric reviews from the land of the red sun. Today I sampled a product named Yaokin "Dora-Choco" - the "Dora" is short for "Dorayaki" which according to J-List is a waffle type pancake that is popular among kids in Japan. The product was simply formed of two Dorayaki pancakes sandwiching a chocolate filling. Although this was a product outside of the usual Chocolate Mission remit I was certainly willing to give it a try.

As you can see above the pack I received had two separate pieces in it. Obviously it was quite hard to represent the scale of the cakes though I can reveal they were really quite small and about the size of a £2 British coin each. Seemingly I am never failed but to be taken in by the look of Japanese products. Like so many others I have reviewed before I thought the wrapper had a fun look and used its colour scheme well to have a real aesthetic appeal. Even more impressively the plastic packet managed to retain the fantastic sweet cake smell of the product that made it self immediately evident once opened.

I would prefer to get the obvious negative of this product out the way as the rest of the experience was on the whole very pleasant. As you can probably have guessed the single pack was not in any way fulfilling as a snack - the small size of the product meant that this was very evident before even consuming it. That out the way I have nothing but nice things to say about these Dorayaki. The Dora pancakes were absolutely delicious and delivered far more in terms of flavours than your standard Scotch pancakes. The cake had a wonderfully balanced sweetness that had notes of vanilla and syrup present throughout the duration of the taste. What I really liked about the Dora was that they had a wonderful moistness to their texture which meant they never developed that dry cake like feel in the mouth. Sat in the middle of the Dora was the chocolate filling. It was pretty uncomplicated in its cocoa and milk based flavours though it certainly delivered the chocolate hit to the product and made a noticeable impact despite the dense nature of the cake element.

Overall despite these being annoyingly small they were on the whole a very enjoyable product. When I first saw these I must admit I was expecting very little as they just looked like Scotch pancakes with a thin layer of chocolate in the middle. It was great to find though what these lacked in size they made up for in flavours. Both the Dora and chocolate elements brought some pleasant flavour elements and made for a thoroughly delicious taste. I would recommend these on the basis that they are a cool and tasty Japanese product; additionally though I would say if you were to order them you should get quite a few packs of these as they wont last long.

7.3 out of 10