May 9th: Meiji Donut Gummy Chocolate Flavour

Kcal 83 Fat 0.6g Carbs 18.4g

J-List have sent me some pretty awesome products from Japan over the last couple of months and some of my favourites have been the Meiji bars that I have reviewed. I must admit though I was pretty surprised to see the Meiji logo displayed on todays product as it was certainly something a little different from their standard chocolate bar range. These chocolate flavoured gummies were a unique looking product - I hadn't had anything really that similar apart from the chocolate flavoured Herhey's Twizzlers I reviewed earlier this year.

J-List sent me across a few 25.0g packs that contained around 15 gummy pieces in each. The outer packaging made use of some fun looking cartoons and bright colours which gave the product a friendly and welcoming looking. The gummy pieces themselves appeared relatively appetising though just like the Hershey's Twizzlers I couldn't help but think that they should have been cola flavoured. Once I had opened the mini packet it was instantly recognisable that all probably wasn't going to be well. I can only describe the aroma as very similar to Chinese five spice - it had elements of pepper, aniseed and herbs .... interesting?? ... yes ... appetising?? ... not really - especially not for a supposed chocolate product!

Instead of beating round the bush I will get straight to the point - I didn't get on with these whatsoever. I ate these one at a time and was struck by how they tasted absolutely nothing like chocolate. The initial flavours I got when sucking on the pieces were very dull and uninteresting sweet malt like flavours. The texture of the sweets very really what you would expect and had a slightest resistance in their chewy jelly like softness. When chewed the dull sweet flavours became a little stronger but still yielded the same confusing malty tea herb like flavours. Although sweet they left a quite horrible bitter note in the mouth - one packet was really all I willing to eat.

Overall this was probably the first product that I have had from Japan that I felt was pretty damn bad. I am always pessimistic at chocolate flavoured sweets though these managed to prove my pessimism right and brought things to a whole new level. They not only tasted nothing like chocolate but were really just quite disgusting with a confusing herby malt tinge. Frankly I think the only real reason you guys should try these is to see if you think they are really as bad as I am making out. Japan sure do have some weird and wonderful snacks ... these just unfortunately weren't one of them.

4.6 out of 10