May 9th: Nestle Treasures Revive Cappuccino Truffle

Kcal 240 Fat 15.0g Fat(sats) 9.0g Carbs 25.0g (per 43.0g - half bar)

I am delighted to say this is the last of the Nestle Treasures range, which was kindly provided to me by *IShop4YouII*. If you have been reading the site over the last week or so you would have seen my reviews of the other 'Dark' & 'Caramel' variants. Well today's 'Cappuccino' bar came billed as 'milk chocolate with a creamy filling with crunchy cocoa bits' ... the marketing guys at Nestle sure played up the coffee aspect of this bar didn't they!?

As per the other variants this came in a 85.0g size - I must admit I ate less than half ... I think we know where this is all going. I thought the presentation again was pretty decent, with the dual layered paper and foil wrappers ensuring the chocolate was kept in a reasonably nice looking manner. Curiously the smell of the bar lacked any sort of coffee element, though that's not to say the aroma was poor it actually had a relatively sound sweet, chocolaty smell.

So where did this one go wrong!? Maybe it would be easier to start off where it went right ... ... ... ok done!! From the outset both the taste and textures to the bar were poor. Placing the chocolate in my mouth for the first time I was met the same waxy melting chocolate that I came across with the rest of the range. Sitting in the middle of the blocks were small flavourless pieces of what were supposedly chips of cocoa beans. Unfortunately the only contribution they made to the product was a rough feel to the chocolate, which combined with the meagre coffee taste made them actually come across as coffee granules. As I have just mentioned the coffee taste was weak to say the least ... in fact the bar was pretty flavourless on the whole, with only a poor sweet, offish soured milk taste being substantiated upon the full melt of the chocolate.

Overall you can probably tell that this was my least favourite out of the range. In regards to its flavours, textures and subsequent sustenance it was poor in almost every sense. The cappuccino element was near enough non-existent, though the flavourless cocoa beans certainly made for a truly horrible coffee granule like experience. It seems these are pretty rare chocolate bars to come across; to be honest If you ever do come across this range I would make a sharpish dash in the other direction ... the whole lot are best left alone completely.

4.1 out of 10