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What is ChocolateMission?

www.chocolatemission.net is the creation of one man from Surrey, England. The website came about after a debate had amongst friends in 2007 - 'What is the greatest chocolate bar in the world?'. Many a head was scratched, and many a suggestion was given before ultimately the conclusion was reach that no one yet knew. Born out of this came the 'ChocolateMission' - a website dedicated to trying the very best (and sometimes worst!!) chocolate products from around the globe.

Since the creation of the site many a chocolate (1000s!!) has passed through the ChocolateMission rating procedure. This is an aggregate average 'out of 10' based on the five criteria - Taste, Aroma, Texture, Sustenance, Presentation.

What qualifies as a product worth reviewing? 

Anything containing chocolate is good to go - this can be normal bars, truffles, cakes, biscuits, cereals, drinks ... you name it! If it has chocolate in then there is every chance it will appear on the site. Every now and then I will also throw in my thoughts on non-chocolate based snacking products.

I'm a company and I want to have my product reviewed / advertise on the site. Can we do this? 

Yes. Please contact me at Jim@Chocolatemission.net Please be aware that I DO NOT and have NEVER written reviews based on anything but my true opinion on a product or brand. I DO NOT have favourites, DO NOT hold grudges and I certainly DO NOT take payments for favourable articles for the site.

Where can I get hold of you? 

Mail - Jim@ChocolateMission.net
Twitter - @Chocmission
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