June 11th: Cadbury Moro Gold

Kcal 310 Fat 16.9g Fat(sats) 11.8g Carbs 35.6g

Thanks again to my friends at Shopenzed I today got to try another one of the Southern Hemisphere's exclusive Cadbury offerings. Described as a 'chocolate flavoured centre with biscuit pieces surrounded in caramel and covered in Dairy Milk chocolate' it sounded exactly like the Cadbury Boost bar that we get here in the UK. Due to the similarities I thought it best to compare the two and actually found there to be a number of differences.

One thing where the two bars were similar was in the size of the product, both weighing 60.0g and packing a mighty 310 calories each. I liked the wrapper of the Moro Gold - I thought it was simple yet effective with its use of the traditional purple coloured theme and yellow and gold fonts. In regards to the actual bar the Moro Gold looked smaller than the Boost as it appeared a lot thinner in its width. Although not looking as aesthetically imposing the bar did have a sweet chocolaty scent that smelt rather pleasant.

I noticed a few fundamental differences between the Boost and the Moro Gold and the first of them came in the outer chocolate that coated the bar. I have commented before that the Dairy Milk down under doesn't seem quite as creamy as the stuff we get here in the UK - this again appeared the case here though I think it probably wasn't helped by the thin nature in which it was implemented. Although the outer chocolate wasn't quite the standard of the Boost the inner filling was a different story altogether. I generally find the inner filling of the Boost a little too sugary in its flavours but things were a little different with the Moro Gold. The chocolate flavoured filling of the Moro Gold was very light in texture and had a very cream based milky taste. The biscuit pieces that sat within the filling were terrific and provided delightful bursts of sweet and salty shortbread like flavours when encountered. The caramel that sat between the chocolate coating and the filling was very well portioned and added some delightful butterscotch and honey flavour notes with its chewy texture. Despite being 60.0g the Moro Gold didn't feel anywhere near as substantial as the Boost as the lighter texture of the filling melted extremely fast.

Overall despite the Moro Gold being billed as an equivalent of the Boost there were actually a fair number of differences between the two. The Dairy Milk was again not on the same level in regards to the quality of our UK stuff but I must say that I far preferred the taste of the chocolate filling with the Moro Gold. The lighter texture and creamier taste of the filling allowed the biscuit pieces to come through more and just made for a taste that wasn't quite so reliant on sugar. I probably wouldn't frequent this bar due to the hideous amount of calories involved but as an occasional treat I wouldn't mind having this bar again.

8.1 out of 10