June 12th: Zotter Cheese, Walnuts & Grapes

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

When I first saw this bar I probably had a face that looked like it had been smacked by a kipper. Cheese, Walnuts & Grapes!?? What on earth was I in for here? This wasn't the first time I have doubted Zotter. My last foray with the brand was with their Bacon Bits offering - a bar that included pork scratchings in its truffle filling. Despite my pessimism it turned out to be pretty fantastic - still though I couldn't help but feel that a bar formed of milk chocolate filled with cream cheese, grapes and walnuts may just have been taking things just a little too far.

As with the rest of the Zotter bars I have reviewed so far this one also came in a 70.0g size. The presentation was once again first class with the outer packaging incorporating both a sleek artistic design and clear communication of the flavour theme. The chocolate bar look no different to the rest of the range with its long, flat rippled surface. Once cross-sectioned the inner filling had visible fruit and nut pieces which were very evident in the light coloured centre. Even before the bar was cut in to an enticing nutty cocoa smell became evident once the thick foil was undressed.

Due to my complete lack of confidence in the filling combination I was very tentative at the size of the first few slithers I cut off and ate. I am glad to confirm that as I ate more and more these rather thin pieces soon became much larger ones - before I knew it the bar was gone altogether. I have commented on the smoothness of the taste of other Zotter variants before and things were not different here. The outer chocolate had a wonderfully silky soft melt in the mouth that felt absolutely luxurious with its dominant milk based flavours. If I was to have one criticism of this bar it would be that once again the cocoa didn't have quite reach the strength in its flavours I desired. As a counter argument to that I guess a stronger chocolate may have detracted somewhat from the simply delicious flavours that I got from the centre. The cheese cream was absolutely delightful - it had a wonderful truffle like texture and had a slight yogurt tang amongst its cream based dairy taste. The sharpness of the cheese was offset nicely by the sugary fruit flavours of the raisins that added partial resistance and chewiness to the plethora of soft textures. My favourite part of this bar though had to be the walnuts and I savoured every bite where they were present. The nuts were crunchy and fresh flavoured with some wonderful buttery, straw based savoury influences. To my surprise this was a bar that I couldn't get enough of - the full 70.0g was finished in one sitting.

Overall I don't think I have ever reviewed a product that has changed my opinion so drastically prior to eating it. My preconceptions were that this simply couldn't work on any level - come on now cheese and chocolate!? I like to think my instincts are good but sometimes you just have hold to hold up your hands and say you are wrong - this is one of those instances for me. The combination of the cheese, walnuts, grapes (raisins!) and chocolate was simply delicious and each complimented the other to provide an overall fantastic taste. For some of you I doubt reading my words alone will be enough to convince you that this bar works. I seriously urge you to give this one a try though. If you are brave enough do let me know what you think!

8.6 out of 10