June 13th: Lindt Tequila Sunrise

Kcal 491 Fat 27.0g Carbs 54.0g (per 100.0g)

It has all gone a bit Lindt crazy over the past week hasn't it!? Not that I am complaining! This Lindt Tequila Sunrise was another bar sent to me by Dean-German-Grocery. This product was another from Lindt's filled pod range and was formed of 'dark chocolate encased orange flavoured tequila creme fillings'. Although I am not the biggest tequila fan this was a bar that I was looking forward to, as it certainly sounded like nothing I had tried before.

Just as with the other filled pod bars this one came in a 100.0g serving and was split into 15 separate blocks. I thought the presentation of the product was yet again superb, with the packaging still maintaining a classy look despite the quite vivid orange colours. The bar itself also looked pretty appetising with the pod shapes providing interest along with the enticing look of the plentifully portioned creme fillings. The smell of the product was a little more reserved than I was expecting, though some fruity cocoa scents stirred my anticipation ever so slightly.

The packaging did not display the strength of the dark chocolate, though I would hazard a guess at it being no stronger than 50% cocoa. It was relatively reserved in its flavour strength, though this actually boded quite well and let the inner creme filling express itself fully. I was expecting quite a sharp tequila hit from the creme however I was glad to find it was actually less imposing. The alcohol kick was there but not overly dominant and worked well with the fruit elements. The fruit influences came in the form of the zesty well rounded flavours of the orange and the sharper, tangier bursts from the pomegranate juice. The tartness of both these combined was balanced wonderfully by the sweet nature of the creme, and made for what was a truly delicious and refreshing taste.

Overall this was a well executed favourite variant by Lindt and one that I would definitely try again in the future. I was half expecting the tequila element to spoil the balance of the flavours, but truth to be told it was actually quite reserved in its impact on the overall flavour. I would have perhaps have liked the dark chocolate to have had more of a say in the grand scheme of the taste, however its relaxed implementation here was fine as it let the real selling point of the bar, the fruity elements, establish a firm grip on the overall taste. If you like your orange and chocolate combinations I would very much recommend this bar - Lindt triumph once again.

8.5 out of 10