June 15th: Lindt Fioretto Minis Limette / Cappuccino / Mousse au Chocolat

Dean-German-Grocery recently sent across another box full of German produced goods included in which were these new Lindt Fioretto chocolates. The Fioretto range looks to be pretty extensive and has a large number of different flavours aswell as sizes. Today I got the chance to try two of the variants from the 'Minis' range - Cappuccino and Limette, aswell as one from the standard sized collection - Mousse au Chocolat.

In regards to presentation I thought all three products were presented terrifically. The Mousse au Chocolat Fioretto came in a cardboard box that was decorated with a black and gold theme and included six large sized pieces. The Mini variants came in 115.0g bags that included around 8 pieces in each - again here I thought the choices of colours for the packaging were well executed and gave both products a welcoming yet stylish look.

I guess at this point in time it is worth mentioning that I didn't really have a preference to the bigger or small sized pieces. I thought that all three different chocolates looked wonderful and especially liked how each of them showed signs of distinct layering from their outer chocolate coating to inner fillings.

Below are my thoughts on the different chocolates:

Lint Fioretto Minis Limette:
Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

These came billed as a 'lime filling with a cocoa creme and white chocolate coating'. What with the mass rush of new product development hitting the fruit flavoured chocolate market it was little surprise to see a fruit based flavour in the range.

Contained within their light green wrappers these chocolates had a nice fruity milk smell as I unwrapped them. The initial flavours I got from these were mostly cream based and as I was to learn were rather relaxed in terms of their strength in comparison to the filling. As the piece melted softly in the mouth the rice cereal that lined the outer coating brought a pleasant contrast of textures to the melt. Sitting below the coating was a layer of cocoa creme that raised the strength of the flavours in the mouth with some nice cocoa influences. The real intensity of these chocolates though were delivered by the lime fillings. They had a jam like jelly texture and had a real sharpness in its flavours. The lime was at times just a little overpowering of the chocolate, though more often than not it brought a tasty fresh zestyness to the base chocolate taste. 

Overall these were nice chocolates when eaten a few at a time though I must say I wouldn't like to eat a full sized version of this flavour. The lime filling didn't hold back in its flavours - it was juicy and refreshing but sometimes just a little too tart and could have done with being a little sweeter. That said I think fans of white chocolate and lime would get a lot of pleasure from these.

8.5 out of 10

Lint Fioretto Minis Cappuccino:
Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

You guys won't need reminding of my love for chocolate and coffee combinations so you can probably guess that I liked the sound of these 'cappuccino flavoured praline centres with a milk chocolate coating'.

Although these had a nice hint of coffee in their aroma I must say they were a little reserved in this regard when compared to the other variants. I wasn't expecting anything less but it must be said that the milk chocolate was of a great quality. It provided a creamy cocoa background taste to each bite and melted with a terrific ease and softness in the mouth. Once again the rice cereal provided little in terms of flavour, however was a worthwhile addition due to the extra variation in brought to the textures. Just as with the Limette a cocoa creme lined the inner filling but it had a less of an effect on the taste due to the outer coating being of relatively the same strength. The inner cappuccino filling was relatively well executed though I would have liked to have seen more of an emphasis on the coffee flavours. The coffee element was certainly present but struggled to have a real impact as the softer truffle like centre also had relatively strong cocoa presence that just further elongated the flavours of the outer chocolate.

Overall these were decent coffee chocolate but were by no means my all time favourites. In hindsight I was probably looking for more of an espresso type coffee hit rather than the cappuccino one delivered here. People who enjoy quite mild flavoured coffee milk chocolates will like these very much.

8.0 out of 10

Lint Fioretto Mousse au Chocolat:
Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

I thought these sounded the most boring out of the selection but they actually turned out to be my favourites. As I have mentioned above these were bigger in size and were about twice as large as the other two Mini variants. 

These pieces were formed with an outer coating of dark chocolate and rice cereal which brought a pleasant barrage of cocoa flavours as soon as the chocolate entered my mouth. A wonderful dairy undertone made sure that the strong cocoa flavours never verged on being bitter and made sure that the intensity was always kept in check. As with the Minis sitting below the hard outer shell was a thin layer of cocoa creme that was slightly sweeter than the outer chocolate. My absolute favourite thing with these chocolates though was the inner mousse filling. It was light, smooth and melted in the mouth wonderfully. It had a creamier taste than the other chocolate layers which meant that it gave a delicious aftertaste that again helped balanced the stronger flavours of the outer dark chocolate. 

Overall it was the development of the taste that really made this Mousse au Chocolat variant stand out from the rest. Right from the off the outer dark chocolate established a high degree of flavour that was firmly cocoa rooted. As I made my way further and further into the centre of the chocolate the taste started to get creamier, whilst the textures became softer and softer - it was a frankly wonderful experience. Very worthy of 9.0 rating on ChocolateMission - very recommended.

9.0 out of 10