June 16th: Lindt Milk Chocolate Hazelnut-Gianduja

Kcal 590 Fat 42.0g Carbs 45.0g (per 100.0g)

A first glance this may just look like another milk chocolate and hazelnut combination but having tried this bar I can confirm that it was somewhat a little special. I got the chance to sample this bar thanks again to my friends at Dean-German-Grocery who kindly sent across a whole host of new Lindt bars that will be appearing on this site in the coming weeks. This 'Hazelnut-Gianduja' variant came described as milk chocolate with hazelnut, though a little research on Wiki revealed that 'Gianduja' is in fact a type of chocolate that contains hazelnut paste - this sounded right up my street.

This was another bar from the 'vollmilch feinshmelzend' (milk chocolate soft melt!?) range so it again came in a 100.0g size that was divided into ten well sized blocks. As well as the chocolate itself being nicely presented I liked the look of the outer wrapper as it communicated the hazelnut influence well whilst still maintaining a simplistic sophistication. The smell of the bar was predominantly cocoa led and had little influence from the nut element - this was somewhat surprising when put in the context of the taste.

Despite the chocolate only being a 30% recipe the strength of the flavours was certainly not lacking. The initial flavours were mostly cream based though as the chocolate heated in the mouth the cocoa and hazelnut elements came to the party. The hazelnut flavours were particularly strong and had a taste that was certainly akin to a good standard praline - it was sweet yet wonderfully nutty and the full on wooden flavours of the nuts lasted a long time in the mouth. Just as with the Lindt Milk Chocolate Creamy Caramel bar I reviewed the other week the melt of the chocolate was absolutely sublime. It had a silky soft ebbing melt that felt simply luxurious in the mouth - I guess a slight drawback from this was that the melt was extremely fast. Despite the longevity of each piece not being particularly long the strength of the flavours meant they left a lasting impression in the mouth and made for a deliciously rich chocolate.

Overall this was a bar that I loved from the very first piece and must admit I was rather disappointed when I finished the last one. As I said in the opening to this review it would be easy to just dismiss this as just another milk chocolate and hazelnut combination. In my opinion this would be a poor view to hold as the way the hazelnut was integrated into the chocolate made for a chocolate that was a strong tasting as it was wonderfully smooth in texture. Having to write so many reviews means that I rarely get to try products again after I have finished them - this however will definitely be one I will seek out again.

8.9 out of 10