June 17th: Nestle Nuts

Kcal 243 Fat 12.3g Fat(sats) 3.1g Carbs 31.1g

This was yet another product supplied to me by Dean-German-Grocery and I believe that it is a bar that is available all over Europe apart from the UK ... which begs the question why the English name? When I read what this Nestle Nuts bar was formed of it immediately reminded me of the Topic bar that we have here in the UK. Comprised of milk chocolate, nougat, caramel and hazelnuts it sounded like it had a lot of potential.

Although this bar weighed only 1.0g more than the Topic bar at 50.0g it looked a lot larger. The wrapper was relatively plain, though I thought the simplicity with the yellow and red colours was actually rather nice looking. As you can see above the bar itself also looked very tempting when cross-sectioned with the hazelnut pieces appearing very well portioned along with the caramel. One thing that did slightly annoy me was the lack of nutritional information on the wrapper, which I have had to look up myself for you guys! Disregarding this slight annoyance the aroma of the product was suitably hazelnut led and certainly proved to be very enticing.

The milk chocolate that coated this bar was really your bog standard no frills Nestle stuff. I guess that sounds rather negative though to be honest it delivered the desired chocolate hit with its predominantly sweet, milky flavours and thickish melt. Sat below the milk chocolate the nougat and caramel combined to provide a very pleasurable combination of chewy, dense textures which made the taste last for a sustained time in the mouth. The flavours I got from both these elements were not particularly spectacular - the nougat especially struggled to create an impression with its flavours but thankfully the caramel made up for this with some butterscotch notes. The hazelnuts sat within the nougat were absolutely fantastic. They provided a fresh woody, nut element to the taste whilst also contributing a wonderful crunch element to the mainly soft, chewy texture.

Overall I would say that this bar provided a far more fulfilling experience than the Topic but didn't quite deliver the same amount of flavour. As a snack this bar was by far the more satisfying as the viscous textures made for a taste that was far longer sustained. Although the flavours were still majoritly nice I would say in comparison to the Topic the nougat and caramel were not quite as good, which ultimately meant I ranked it lower in terms of actual taste. For fans of the Topic bar I would recommend this as a product you should at least try to see which you prefer. This was yet another worthwhile treat served up by Dean-German-Grocery.

8.2 out of 10