June 18th: Milka Amavel Mousse a la Birne-Mandel / l'Orange

The Milka Amavel range has consistently proven itself to be fantastic with scores often in the upper 8's and low 9's. In fact one of my favourite bars I tried this year was the Milka Amavel Mousse au Cappuccino, so when I was give the opportunity to try another two variants from the range I certainly wasn't going to turn Dean-German-Grocery down.

Both these Orange and Pear & Almond variants came in the standard 160.0g Amavel size and were both split into the rather awkward triangle shaped blocks. As well as the different flavoured fillings there was differentiation in the type of chocolate used. The Mousse a l'Orange was formed with Milka dark chocolate, whilst the Mousse a la Birne-Mandel used the more traditional Alpine Milk chocolate.

Once again both proved to be very worthwhile bars - here are my thoughts on each below:

Milka Amavel Mousse a la Birne-Mandel:
Kcal 555 Fat 35.0g Fat(sats) 19.5g Carbs 53.0g (per 100.0g)

I couldn't recall having tried a peach and almond combination before so I was looking forward to seeing what this one could offer. When I broke the block in half the inner filling could be seen to have a very pale and fluffy complexion. The aroma that revealed itself when the chocolate was split into was fruity though had a strong chocolaty base tone.

The overall taste wasn't quite what was promised though it was still was very tasty indeed. The outer Alpine Milk chocolate provided the standard sweet tasting creamy chocolate that it is known for. The transition of the smooth thick melting outer chocolate to the lighter fluffier inner mousse was as wonderful as ever and the development it brought on the flavours of the outer chocolate was also something to be hold. The pear flavours took a firm grasp of the taste when the mousse was encountered and provided a sweet, fruity context. I couldn't detect the almond anywhere in the taste, however there was a small hazelnut element brought to the experience by the outer Alpine Milk chocolate.

Overall like all good fruit flavoured chocolates this bar communicated the fruit influence well and had a fresh tasting influence. Despite the almond being somewhat absent from proceedings I wasn't left disappointed as the strength of the flavours was already pretty strong. If you like your pear fruit then this would be a chocolate you should seriously think of trying.

8.7 out of 10

Milka Amavel Mousse a l'Orange:
Kcal 565 Fat 39.5g Fat(sats) 22.5g Carbs 45.0g (per 100.0g)

As I have mentioned previously this bar was a little different to the rest of the Amavel range as it used dark chocolate rather than the standard Alpine Milk chocolate. The difference was exhibited clearly by the chocolate itself as the outer chocolate was a far darker colour to the milk chocolate filling. Despite the stronger chocolate the orange ingredient was by far the dominant aspect in the smell of the bar which gave it a very fresh feel.

I am a big fan of Milka Apline Milk chocolate but I thought that the outer dark chocolate worked just as well. The melt of the chocolate was equally as luxurious and maintained the same nicely paced smoothness when changing form. Much like the Birne-Mandel bar it was pleasant that the flavours of the filling did not come to the party until the mousse filling was encountered - this allowed for a nicely progressive taste. The cocoa flavours of the outer chocolate were notably amplified and didn't have quite the sweetness of the normal milk chocolate. This worked really well with the mousse as whilst the orange flavours were zesty and juicy, they were still rather sweet which meant that the balance of the taste was maintained by the dark chocolate.

Overall having tried both bars I couldn't pick a favourite out of the Birne-Mandel or this l'Orange as both provided wonderful fruity chocolate experiences. The decision to use dark chocolate rather than the sweet milk chocolate in this bar was a good one as I think using milk chocolate would have made the resulting taste a little on the sweet side. There are plenty of orange and chocolate combinations around but I would rate this one as good as any of them - another success from the Amavel range.

8.7 out of 10