June 20th: Ritter Sport Apricot Brandy

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

I am getting pretty close to hitting the number forty mark with my Ritter Sport reviews - this brand seems to know innovation like no other. As you all probably are aware by now Ritter like to release new flavours all year round in line with the seasons and once again Dean-German-Grocery didn't fail in supplying me with their latest creation. Todays bar was released as part of their Fruhlings-sorte (spring collection) and came described as 'milk chocolate with an apricot liqueur truffle centre'. Maybe its just me but the words apricot brandy remind me of the cheap tasting liqueurs that you get in restaurants in Mediterranean countries after having a meal out.

The bar was an addition to the standard Ritter Sport range so it came in the usual 100.0g block. Presentation was again nicely done with the wrapper having a clean and clear cut set of pictures and fonts that detailed the contents of the bar well. The chocolate itself didn't have any remarkable aesthetic features about it and looked almost identical to others bars from the range. Although its looks didn't suggest this bar was anyting out of the ordinary its smell suggested otherwise. The chocolate had a variety of elements in its aroma and had different degrees of dairy, floral and fruity hints.

As in most milk chocolate Ritter Sport bars the outer coating did its job adequately of supplying a reasonably well flavoured sweet chocolaty base set of flavours to the taste. The melt was smooth and relatively thick and played nicely with the lighter and more liquid feeling truffle centre. Just as expected the truffle filling was indeed where the flavours mostly expressed themselves. Much like in the smell the floral, sweet fruity notes of the apricot where quite dominant and provided a reasonably pleasant experience. Just as the chocolate reached the pinnacle of its melt the liqueur factor came into play with the warming feel and malt flavours of the brandy kicking in strongly during the aftertaste. The integration of all these separate factors - chocolate, fruit and liqueur, made for quite a rich tasting chocolate and one that had to be eaten one block at a time for all the flavours to truly be savoured.

Overall my impressions on this bar were rather mixed. The taste was certainly packing the flavour strength but it wasn't all to my taste. I am not a big liqueur fan and I probably would have preferred this bar without the brandy as it really had a strong say in the aftertaste. Fans of liqueur flavoured chocolates will probably enjoy this bar a lot more than I did so on that basis I would probably recommend it to those people. Personally though having tried so many different variants from the Ritter range I can't say I will probably be having this one again - In my opinion there are far better options to choose from.

7.6 out of 10