June 21st: 7Days of Chocolate Reviews - Edition 2

Welcome to Edition numero 2 of the new 7Days of Chocolate Reviews - again if you have any feedback on the structure or content just drop me a comment:

The Chocolate Mission Omnibus:

The week started off with me taking a look at a few of Lindt's new summer products. First I got stuck into a few variants from the Fioretto range, then on Tuesday a bar from the new 'soft melting' product line the Hazelnut Gianduja. Feedback on both products were resoundingly positive though the folks at Hotel Chocolat may wish to note there were demands made by Gemma & Lottie to bring back their own Gianduja squares.

Another review of great interest this week was the Cadbury Dairy Milk Desserts Triamisu. No one seemed overly impressed with this Cadbury effort however Heidi & Susanne suggested I get myself involved with a brand named Schgotten who they proclaim offer a better chocolate and coffee combination ... I will have to see about that now :)

Lastly I got my behind around to sorting out a Facebook page for ChocolateMission! Be sure to add me :D :D Please do so by clicking HERE ... or if your more a Twitter person .. add me by clicking HERE

News from the Chocolate Market:

* ChocolateMission reader Alan popped up with a few newsworthy items this week...

The first was an article that announced the discontinuation of Toffos (see HERE).

He also spotted some old school TV advertising currently being ran for Milky Way See HERE.

* Thorntons have released some new award winning bars - Venezuelna Milk, Dominican Dark with Salted Caramelised Macadamia & Venezuela Milk with Tonka Beans (See HERE) ... Thorntons were so excited they decided to send me these bars along with a few new limited editions ... reviews will start appearing very soon!

* Cadbury announced some strong financials despite the credit crunch (See HERE)

Have I missed some big news?? Why not tell everyone about it by leaving a comment!

Posts from other Blogs I enjoyed this week:

* GiGi Reviews - I was astounded to see that the US has only just realised the potential of honey coated corn flakes!! See HERE

* Japanese Snack Reviews - Japanese Kit Kats rock my socks! This is one I would love to try - Ramune flavour! See HERE

* Candy Pirate - Not so much a post but a restock! These guys have just sent me a whole new batch of samples - included in which are the new M&M's Transformers and different flavoured Taste of Nature Cookie Dough bites! Be sure to check them out HERE

* Candyblog - Not a week goes by without Cybele writing a post that leaves drool on my keyboard! Take a look at here review of the new Snickers Nougabot (Transformers themed!) See HERE

Question of the Week:

'If you could bring back one discontinued chocolate product what would it be?'