June 23rd: Milka Alpenzauber

Kcal 555 Fat 33.5g Fat(sats) 18.5g Carbs 55.0g (per 100.0g)

There is no denying that fruit flavoured yogurt bars have dominated the European market of chocolate innovation this summer. Over the past few weeks thanks to Dean-German-Grocery I have had the opportunity to cast my eye over several new products from Lindt, Ritter Sport and of course Milka. The Milka brand again came under the microscope today as I went about trying the Milka Alpenzauber bar. This product came billed as 'Alpine Milk Chocolate with a lime yogurt filling and popping candy' .... yes you read that correctly the dreaded popping candy!

This bar is one of the newest additions to the standard Milka range and came in the usual 100.0g serving size. The outer wrapping incorporated the usual purple Milka colour scheme as well as including some lime fruit pictures to communicate the flavour. The chocolate itself look rather pleasant as well with the pale yogurt filling appearing plentiful wedged between the chocolate. I have to admit I didn't stand around looking at the bar all that long as the wonderful aromas of zesty lime smelt absolutely gorgeous - I simply had to tuck in.

This bar was really a story of two different factors and these were the taste and the texture. Flavourwise the product was simply first class. The outer Alpine Milk did its usual sterling job of providing a cream based tasting sweet chocolate that maintained its delightful hazelnut note. The inner yogurt filling also tasted superb - it had tangy milky yogurt base flavours from which the citrus lime flavours built upon nicely to provide a flavoursome, fresh taste. Despite thoroughly enjoying the taste the experience for me was somewhat ruined by the blasted popping candy. I wish Milka would really stop putting this stuff in there bars as it gave the usual benign crackling feeling at the back of my throat. To be honest I thought it was hugely disappointing as the popping candy not only managed to ruin the textures but also my enjoyment of the product on the whole.

Overall this was a frustrating product for me as I truly enjoyed the taste but felt the whole product was ruined by the inclusion of the popping candy. As a milk chocolate lime yogurt bar this Milka offering ticks all the boxes - why on earth they thought they had to include the popping candy at all is completely beyond me. I guess this is a case of personal taste - maybe some of you guys actually like the stuff!? For me though, despite thoroughly enjoying some aspects of this bar it probably won't be one I will have again. I swear if I ever come across popping candy again it will be to soon!

7.8 out of 10