June 24th: Kit Kat Caramel Chunky

Kcal 327 Fat 16.7g Fat(sats) 10.8g Carbs 39.8g

Shopenzed have sent me some fantastic things from New Zealand and Australia but this product without question has been the best. For some reason unknown to man Nestle have decided not to include a caramel variant in their Kit Kat Chunky range over here in the UK. Apart from a slightly dodgy Hershey version available in America, the only place that you can currently get a Kit Kat Chunky Caramel is in the Southern Hemisphere - boy are we missing out!

Like the rest of the Kit Kat Chunky range down under this bar came in a pretty huge 65.0g size and came described as 'crunchy wafer with a caramel layer coated in milk chocolate'. I thought the packaging looked rather good with a golden gooey caramel like background covering the usual symbolic red and white Kit Kat colours. The bar itself didn't fail to look magnificent either - the caramel layer was very visual above the thick wafer and just like the packaging had a wonderful golden complexion. As if the caramel lingering out the bar wasn't enough to entice the smell of the product certainly tempted me even more. The cocoa and biscuit scents were further built upon by the terrific sweet scents of the caramel - this was going to be one to savour.

Nestle milk chocolate has come in for quite a bashing on this blog recently but it did a more than adequate job in providing the chocolate hit for this bar. Unlike the plain milk chocolate Nestle bar I had last month the melt of the chocolate was smooth and had less of a sugar intensive taste. The flavours were predominantly milk though the cocoa flavours were enhanced by the thin layers of cocoa creme that sat between the malty tasting wafers. Whilst the wafers provided a delicious crunch to the textures the real star of the show was the caramel. Surprisingly the caramel was simply superb on all levels and had a stunning sweet butterscotch and toffee influence on the taste. It was smooth yet a little chewy and the flavours lingered in the mouth so the taste could be fully savoured. This was one of those bars that I just had to eat all in one sitting, I literally couldn't get enough of it.

Overall this is without a doubt the finest variant in the Kit Kat Chunky range and it pains me that we don't get it here in the UK. The combination of the creamy milk chocolate, biscuit like wafer and sweet flavours of the caramel combined for a taste that was as delicious as it was moreish. The large size of the bar doesn't fail in satisfying even the greatest of hunger pangs and it does so without ever getting close to being sickly or monotonous in its flavours. If I had the choice this would probably be a bar that I would frequent often if it was widely available to me. If your a fan of the Kit Kat Chunky range I seriously suggest you get your hands on one of these.

9.2 out of 10