June 25th: Ritter Sport Ramazzotti

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

My relentless progress through Ritter Sport's seemingly never ending product range continued today with me trying the Ritter Sport Ramazotti. Although Dean-German-Grocery recently sent me Ritter's new summer variants (See HERE), this bar was actually part of their Spring collection as was indicated on the wrapper. Before I had seen this bar I had never actually heard of Ramazzotti - a little bit of research revealed that it was a tonic liqueur that is normally enjoyed as an aperitif or an after dinner drink (more HERE).

As you can see above the product came in the usual 100.0g Ritter form. I thought the packaging was well executed with the red and white colour theme making the wrapper stand out nicely along with the added illustrations. Although the chocolate itself looked very similar to other bars in the Ritter range, the smell of the product really made it stand out as it emanated a strong mix of liqueur and boozy scents once opened.

To be honest I really did not enjoy the first couple of blocks I had of this chocolate. As with 90% of Ritter bars the chocolate took a back seat to the additional filling and this unfortunately wasn't a good thing. The Ramazzotti took a really firm grasp on the taste from the outset and frankly tasted like the cheap bottle of booze kept at the back of most families liqueur cabinets. The mild and creamy cocoa flavours soon paled in comparison to the herby, slightly bitter alcohol flavours of the softer centre. As I ate the bar I must admit that my taste buds adapted to the harshness of the filling and it certainly became more bearable. The later pieces I had did seem to bringe pleasant elements of orange fruit and notes of honey to the party but I still wasn't left feeling like I wanted to eat more.

Overall this bar was far from being one of the best Ritter Sport flavours I have tried. Although I did become more accustom the taste of the Ramazzotti I never got to the point of actually thoroughly enjoying the chocolate. This is another one of those Ritter bars that I think you can either love or hate - if your a regular drinker of Ramazzotti chances are that you will really quite like this bar as the milk chocolate allows the flavours to be expressed well and makes for a lovely smooth melting texture. This is probably a bar I would neither have again or recommend, though if your a fan of the drink it would great to hear your views on it.

6.7 out of 10