June 26th: Lindt Vollmilch Feinschmelzend Vollmilch

Kcal 572 Fat 39.0g Carbs 49.0g (per 100.0g)

What with the all the different flavour variants available in the European market nowadays, it isn't all that often I get the chance to review a simple milk chocolate bar. Courtesy of Dean-German-Grocery today I had a rare oppertunity to do just that and chanced my luck with the final variant in the Lindt Vollmilch Feinschmelzend range (soft melting milk chocolate) with this aptly named Vollmilch bar. Just in case you were wondering the title of this review contained no typo - it is really called Lindt Milk Chocolate Soft Melting Milk Chocolate.

Just like the other variants in the Feinschmelzend product range this bar came in a 100.0g size that was split into 5x2 blocks. The soft melting nature of the product was well communicated through the liquid chocolate illustration, whilst the nice looking branded blocks maintained a pristine condition kept within a silver foil layer. Most notably the chocolate smelt wonderful - it had a predominantly led cocoa set of scents though I could also detects hints of sweet honey and toffee.

Although I admired the smell of the bar for a while it wasn't long before I tucked in. Just as expected the texture of the bar was amazingly soft and melted like an absolute dream in the mouth. It was smooth, silky and had a luxurious feel as it slipped down the throat with ease. My only gripe with this was that the melt was all over too quickly and wasn't really one that I was able to enjoy for the desired length of time. The flavours were unsurprising yet delicious. The 30% recipe had a stronger cocoa flavour hit than expected, though these flavours were only really present towards the end of the taste. The initial flavours were slightly weaker with the dairy milk elements very much coming to the fore of the taste. The aftertaste of the chocolate had a special sweetness to it, with the end taste noted with a pleasant vanilla influence. Despite consuming this bar rather quickly a 50.0g serving left me feeling relatively fulfilled.

Overall I wouldn't rate this bar quite as highly as the Lindt Excellence Extra Creamy but it was still a tasty milk chocolate. The main problem for me with this bar was the short duration of time that each block lasted in the mouth. If anything it sort of felt like the chocolate was rushed in releasing its flavours and would have been better off forgetting the soft melting texture and letting me savour the taste a while longer. I wouldn't say this is a must try milk chocolate but if you come across it you would hardly be doing wrong giving it a whirl.

8.2 out of 10