June 2nd: Lotte Toppo

Kcal 196 Fat 11.3g Carbs 21.1g (per 12 sticks)

Despite the seriously hot conditions in Japan at the moment J-List are still stocking some suitable chocolate based products - one of which I got my hands on to review today. These Lotte Toppo are described on J-List as 'inverted Pocky'. This is a pretty accurate description as they are simply hollow biscuit sticks filled with a milk chocolate creme - aka inside out Pocky!

I was the lucky recipient of a 80.0g box that included two packets of twelve separate sticks. I guess by Japanese standards the packaging was a little reserved - personally though I thought it managed to combine both a stylish and friendly look. The sticks themselves looked exactly the same size as Pocky though due to the chocolate being on the inside didn't look quite as funky or interesting. Despite not matching up aesthetically I was impressed that the product was kept in foil packets - this certainly helped maintain freshness and the sweet chocolaty aroma.

Recently when reviewing products like Mikado and Pocky I have often been impressed with the quality of the chocolate involved. I am happy to say that Lotte certainly didn't buck the trend here either - the chocolate creme that filled the sticks was devilishly moreish. It was by no means the greatest quality milk chocolate ever but its cream based sweet flavours had a nice cocoa strength and brought the desired chocolate hit to each piece. Complimenting the inner creme nicely was of course the outer biscuit. The biscuit was a little different to the base sticks of Pocky and had more of butter based, brown sugar taste - I didn't necessarily prefer it but more found it equally as pleasant. I did eat both the two separate packets over different sittings, though I must say I didn't find either particularly satisfying.

Overall these were yet another tasty snacking product from Japan but like so many of them didn't quite deliver the desired hunger fulfilment. The chocolate that lined the biscuit tubes frankly tasted delicious - the outer biscuit base wasn't half bad either. The single problem with this product though was the way that although the packets were getting lighter and lighter as I munched my way through them, my hunger really wasn't being cured. If your looking for a tasty light snack then I would recommend these but if your looking for something more substantial these probably wouldn't do the trick.

7.7 out of 10