June 5th: Ritter Sport Chocolate Duo

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Recently I have noticed that most new Ritter Sport bars are introduced for only a few months as seasonal limited editions. Todays bar though looks as if it has actually become a staple part of Ritter Sport's main range as it did not have anything to indicate otherwise. This bar was described as 'milk chocolate (64%) topped with a layer of white chocolate (36%) and it reminded me alot of an M&S product I used to frequent when I was a kid. As you may have already guessed this was a bar supplied to me by Dean-German-Grocery.

As already stated this bar is a new addition to the main Ritter Sport range and came in the usual 100.0g square form. I thought that the product on the whole had real aesthetic appeal and I liked both the fresh look and clear flavour indication of the packaging. As you can see above the chocolate itself didn't look half bad either - I liked the two tone effect of each of the blocks and it made for quite a fun challenge splitting the two layers in the mouth. When I opened the plastic packet I was met with an array of dairy and cocoa scents that nicely set the mood of the taste.

I have often commented on how Ritter Sport chocolate is generally unspectacular and how the range is mostly notable for its added fillings. Of course with there being no added fillings here both the chocolates were carrying the can in terms of taste and I am glad to report they did a pretty sterling job. The milk chocolate base seemed slightly stronger than most other Ritter milk chocolate bars I have tried and the cocoa flavours seemed just a little bit sharper and longer lasting. The milk chocolate wasn't really that creamy so the extra milk based flavours brought to the party by the white chocolate were highly distinguishable. For my liking the white chocolate was a little on the sweet side though what with it being less prominent than the milk chocolate this wasn't such a problem and it certainly added a pleasant vanilla element to the taste. One thing I did notice was that the melt wasn't quite as thick as I would have liked however it did manage to maintain a lovely smoothness throughout.

Overall this was a pretty well executed milk and white chocolate combination and it was actually better than I expected. With Ritter Sport most well known for their fillings this was indeed a little less exciting than their some of the rest of their range but it was still on the whole a pleasant experience. Ritter Sport milk chocolate wont be winning any awards anytime soon, though the addition of the white chocolate added another dimension to the taste and added an extra level of cream and vanilla notes. I can actually see this being a bar that a lot of people would enjoy - its certainly not the best of the Ritter Sport lot but its a solid choice nonetheless.

7.9 out of 10