June 6th: Cadbury Moro

Kcal 287 Fat 9.9g Fat(sats) 7.7g Carbs 46.2g

Just a few weeks ago I was again a lucky recipient of package of goodies from my pals at ShopeNZed. Going on the advice of many ChocolateMission readers I did request that they send me this Cadbury Moro bar - a product that seems to be extremely popular with the folks down under. Billed as 'Dairy Milk chocolate coated caramel and nougatine whip' it sounded none to dissimilar to the Mars & Milky Way bars that you get in the UK & US; suffice to say I was hoping for a similarly good experience.

This Moro bar was a bit of a monster and came in a very large 65.0g size. As you can probably guess this really did the trick curing the hunger I had before eating it. I liked the theme of the packaging as it had a rather masculine look to it - the black colours and bold font not only made it look inviting but also gave it a very suave look. As you can see above the bar I had the pleasure of eating got a little bit of wear and tear in the post, though I actually thought the caramel that had oozed out really looked damn tempting with its wonderfully golden colour. The faultless presentation didn't just stop at the looks - when I ripped open the foil packaging I was immediately greeted by a enticing concoction of sweet cocoa scents ... YUM!

I have previously commented that sometimes the Dairy Milk chocolate used in the Cadbury products in NZ isn't quite the quality of our UK stuff. Frankly the difference I noticed between the two in this bar was minimal at most - though I think this was mainly down the nougat and caramel taking a firm hold of the taste. The outer Dairy Milk chocolate didn't fail in substantiating some delightful cream flavours and established a firm chocolaty base for the rest of the ingredients to play off. The thick smooth melt of the chocolate revealed a dense and chewy nougat layer that lasted what seemed like forever in the mouth. The nougat could possibly have been a little more flavoursome but it still added some sweet vanilla like notes and really gave the product its fulfillment credentials. The real star of the show for me though had to be the caramel - it was simply wonderful in every sense. It was soft, chewy, smooth and bursting full of sweet butterscotch and toffee flavours. The combination of all three elements made each bite absolutely delicious and left me feeling very satisfied.

Overall this was a simply fantastic chocolate bar that I enjoyed immensely and Cadbury really gave it a great go of making a bar to compete with the equivalent Mars products. Personally I think the more flavoursome nougat of the Mars products gives them the slight edge but I would still any day be satisfied for settling for one of these Cadbury Moro. The three key components combined superbly and formed a taste that was as luxurious as it was moreish. If your a fan of bars like the Mars & Milky Way and fancy trying Cadbury's tilt on the combination I strongly suggest you get yourself involved with one of these bars - wonderful!

8.7 out of 10