June 7th: Hannah's White Mice

Kcal 530 Fat 29.0g Carbs 65.0g (per 100.0g)

I am probably going to attract some criticism for this review as I know that 'White Mice' have a cult following here in the UK. Indeed, as a child I consumed them on mass - they were always a common and prominent feature in my pick-a-mix bag when I was a wee one. Unfortunately (or maybe not!!), everyones main source of 'White Mice', Woolworths, is now no more. Shopping in my local Tesco last Sunday however I stumbled across a pack produced by Hannah's .... would these be a lovely trip down nostalgia road ... or a hellish 'never to eat again' product!??

The bag I found in Tesco contained 85.0g of 'White Mice' ... I would say under half that actually got eaten. The outer packaging was very simplistic and didn't do a very good job of maintaining the product. You may be able to make out in the picture above that the pieces had particularly dusty surfaces which gave the impression they were not all that fresh. In regards to aroma I was also not very impressed - the smells that emanated from the bag seemed very artificial in their sweetness and had a rather fake vanilla hint. 

You have probably peeked at the score already so I won't beat around the bush ... these were HORRIBLE ... and I mean HORRIBLE in every sense. Studying the blurb on the back of the packet it turns out that these were not white chocolate at all, but white chocolate flavour candy. One look at the ingredients and it was no wonder that the taste was sickeningly sweet and artificial considering they were solely made of 'sugar, vegetable fat, whey powder, emulsifier and flavourings' ...EUGH!! Not only did they taste awful in their overbearing sugaryness, but they had a rough, uncompromising melt which just to top everything left my throat feeling like it was literally on fire. Suffice to say I was left wondering what had come of my once loved 'White Mice'.

Overall these are frankly the WORST ... yes the WORST product I have had the displeasure of reviewing in my whole year of writing for this site. I know people are going to criticise me as these no doubt hold a place in a lot of hearts, but frankly they tasted terrible and after no more than three pieces were inedible due to the artificial ingredients tearing up the back of my throat. These are made with cheap ingredients, taste cheap ... yet aren't cheap anymore (65p for a bag!). I would honestly think twice before reaching for a bag of these ... leave your childhood memories untarnished.

2.4 out of 10