June 8th: Ritter Sport Biscuits & Nuts

Kcal 544 Fat 33.9g Fat(sats) 17.4g Carbs 51.4g (per 100.0g)

Ritter Sport are never afraid to add to their already extensive product range and I today got to grips with another of their new flavour variants. This Ritter Sport Keks & Nuss (Biscuits & Nuts) came described as 'milk chocolate with hazelnuts (8.9%) and crunchy biscuit pieces (6.5%)'. I thought the hazelnut content was a little unimaginative though on reflection it wouldn't have made much sense Ritter diversifying from something they actually do very well (see Ritter Whole Hazelnuts range!!).

The Biscuits & Nuts variant is the latest addition to the 'King Size' part of the Ritter Sport portfolio and therefore came in a 250.0g size. As you can see in the packaging photos above the presentation was all rather standard Ritter Sport but it is worth mentioning the clear visuals that provided nice clarification of the flavour. In regards to the chocolate itself it both looked and smelt very appetising indeed. The biscuits and nuts appeared very plentiful and well spread out within the chocolate and the bar had a very fragrant nutty influence within its cocoa scents.

I have tried over thirty-five variants of Ritter Sport chocolate now but I thought this one was really one of the best. The milk chocolate was exactly what I expected from the Ritter brand - not the greatest quality yet still flavoursome with its tasty milk led cocoa taste. With the chocolate being rather standard it was of course left up to the biscuit and hazelnut ingredients to deliver and they certainly didn't fail. Both the nut and biscuit pieces had wonderful fresh crunchy textures yet still managed to avoid the sharp, throat scratching effect I have experienced with other clumsier bars. In regards to flavours they delivered here as well - the biscuits added a wonderful array of malt, butter and honey notes whilst the hazelnuts had terrific roasted earthy flavours and brought just the slightest hint of salt in the mix. The combination of these different constituents made for a chocolate that was multi dimensional in regards to its flavours and one that also felt very fulfilling.

Overall what with their being so many different Ritter Sport variants out you would expect the quality of each flavour to dip as the portfolio expands. I can confirm though that from what I experienced this certainly wasn't the case here and this has to be one of the better Ritter Sport bars I have tried for a long while. The chocolate was its usual unspectacular self however the biscuit and nut combination made for an overall taste that was as wonderfully tasty as it was satisfying. As you can imagine the 250.0g took a while to get through and I did end up sharing it with several other people to get their opinions. I must say the majority came to a very similar conclusion to my own - that this is one very good chocolate bar. For this reason I highly recommend you get yourself over to Dean-German-Grocery and try it for yourself.

8.9 out of 10