July 10th: Lotte Toppo Coffee Eclair

Kcal 232 Fat 13.6g Carbs 24.8g (per 1 packet - 42.0g)

'Did these actually have any form of chocolate in Jim?' Will inevitably be the first question that springs to mind when you guys first read the name of this product review. To be quite honest with you all I hadn't the foggiest idea as the packaging was of course all in Japanese - to be honest I didn't really care :) Never in a million years was I going to turn down the opportunity to try these Coffee Eclair flavoured Lotte Toppo when propositioned by J-List. Frequent readers of my blog will know that I am pretty willing to try any sort of confectionery that has the word coffee involved - needless to say as soon as I received these I didn't hang around and dug straight in.

Immediately from the outset I was impressed with this product. As already indicated I hadn't a clue what all the on package description
said due to the obvious language barrier but anyway the pictures of the cakes that were featured did enough to seriously whet my appetite. Inside the wonderfully presented box there were two 42.0g foil packages that contained several stick pieces; all of which managed to remain unbroken despite the serious air miles that the product went through. The stick themselves looked a little plain until snapped, upon where a plentiful amount of dark beige coloured creme emerged. Up to this point I had really been taken in by the product and the temptation only increased when the quite frankly gorgeous smell of sweet coffee and pastry emerged from the foil packets when opened.

Up until this point everything
seemed to be bang on the money - the proposition sounded great, the presentation was good and the smell was absolutely to die for ... there was only one thing left to do and I truly obliged. My first observation of the stick pieces was that they seemed to be far heftier than previously similar products I have reviewed i.e. Pocky. Indeed each stick did feel heavier in hand and ultimately did make for a more fulfilling snack - having finished marvelling at the weight of the thing I finally got stuck in. The first flavours that came to my taste buds were from the outer biscuit which had a quite mild buttery, shortbread like taste. On the whole the biscuit was pleasant but I think the taste could have been a little stronger especially thinking back to other products like Pocky which seemingly always manage to deliver a strong malty context to the taste. The story happened to be much the same for the coffee eclair flavoured filling. The smell suggested the coffee element would come through very strongly but when it came to the actual taste it was more reserved than I was expecting it to be. The filling was very cream rooted and seemed to just have a hint of coffee rather than a real flavour hit. Despite being slightly disappointed by the lack of impact by the coffee I still very much enjoyed the smooth milky taste and needed no second invitation munching away on one pack in a single sitting.

Overall I guess
in a way it would have been more accurate to describe these as cappuccino flavoured as at the end of the day they delivered much the same experience. With cappuccinos I tend to find you get a deliciously milky moreish taste but never quite manage to get your entire coffee fix. As I have described above these on the whole were pretty tasty and I must say I did enjoy them. As far as coffee flavoured products go though I would say that if your looking for a strong coffee flavour hit you should approach these with caution. Conversely if your after a biscuit with a mild coffee creme these are a pretty perfect snack that I would very much recommend you get hold of. If your a fan of Pocky or Toppo I wouldn't necessarily say these are a must try variant, but at the same time would agree that they are very much worth sticking on your J-List wishlist.

8.0 out of 10