July 15th: Nutella &GO!

Kcal 259 Fat 12.9g Carbs 31.4g

Despite receiving several requests demanding a review of Nutella over the past two years I have for some reason or other never gotten around to doing one. I used to eat Nutella sparingly as a kid (peanut butter was always my choice of toast topping!), but before today I hadn't eaten it in any form for a good few years. That was until Dean-German-Grocery sent me this Nutella & GO! snacking product which was pretty much the same proposition as the KP chocolate dips we get here in the UK (see HERE). They came described as 'sweet bread sticks with a hazelnut chocolate creme dip'.

The snack pack was formed of 13.0g of bread sticks (15 or so) and 39.0g of Nutella spread. The presentation was simple yet effective. The branding was clear and maintained the usual quirky red and white colour theme that is so synonymous with Ferrero products. The actual design of the pack was all very good as made for a very portable and good for 'on the go'/ out of home snacking. The top of the product was sealed by a foil layer; once this was removed I was met with some delicious smelling sweet hazelnut scents.

Although I have mentioned the snack was well designed I still couldn't help but make a right old mess eating it :) Despite some very careful and measured bread stick dipping I still managed to get a fair share of chocolate dip down my white shirt ... amateur! The times I did manage to get the product in my mouth I very much enjoyed it. The bread sticks were ... well bread sticks -crunchy and wheaty tasting with just a touch of brown sugar. A wave of nostalgia hit me the instant the Nutella hit my taste buds - it was extremely sweet yet devilishly moreish with its sugary, buttery cocoa flavours. Of course though what makes Nutella stand out from other chocolate spreads is the hazelnut factor which seemed to just take the edge off the sugar with its nutty woody tasting influence. As far as snacks go this was a pretty satisfying one. It provided a chocolate hit in a pretty satisfying and enjoyable form.

Overall this product has led me to go out and buy a jar of Nutella for the first time in years - I guess from that you can tell it was one that I did really like. The idea was simple yet executed perfectly. The bread sticks were pretty standard though I guess I wouldn't have wanted anything more elaborate as it would have just detracted focus from the Nutella dip. The Nutella brought some wonderful nostalgic memories back to me whilst not failing to provide an incredibly tasty chocolate hazelnut dip. If your a fan of Nutella I really think this is a product you would get pleasure from. It is definitely something I would consider having again as it proved to be a perfect snacking option to cure my mid afternoon munchies.

8.3 out of 10

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