July 16th: Lucky Star Chocolate Cornet Cookie

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

I never have, or even tried to understand the whole 'Anime' or 'Manga' craze that is so popular in Japan so I was surprised to see a rather large box with several Japanese cartoon faces on the front in my latest sampling package from J-List. At first I was sure they had mixed up my parcel with another one of their customers but upon closer inspection it was obvious that within this rather odd looking box were some cookies. A quick look at the J-List website revealed that these were in fact a pack of Lucky Star Chocolate Cornet Cookies - a biscuit like product that is supposedly rather legendary in the Lucky Star series. To be honest my interest didn't extend further than having a quick glance at the Lucky Star Wikipedia page to get more detail (See HERE) - by the looks of it 'Lucky Star' is just one of the many Anime that is shown in Japan.

I have no idea how much the box weighed but inside it contained ten individually wrapped cookie pieces. As I have already commented on I really don't get the whole Japanese cartoon thing but regardless of that I thought that the presentation of the product was on the whole pretty fun and lighthearted. The packaging design was distinctly Japanese and had a welcoming look to it as well containing several protective layers such as a plastic tray, film and wrappers to keep the cookies in good shape. The cookies themselves were of a nice size and smelt pretty damn enticing out their wrappers with their tempting sweet, freshly baked cookie aroma.

As you can imagine I was really unsure what these cookies were going to deliver and wouldn't have been surprised if they were just foul tasting gimmicky biscuits. Having munched my way through the entire pack though I have to say these were pretty damn close to being some of the best cookies I have ever had and was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed them. In terms of size these were best eaten in two bites which due to their crumbly nature did mean they were a little messy to eat. This frankly was all forgiven though as the texture complimented the taste wonderfully and I will do my best to describe it. The majority of the cookie was made up by a quite a soft light outer biscuit that had a taste none to dissimilar to shortbread except it was perhaps just a little bit more malty. The taste was mostly butter led but had intermittent notes of brown sugar and salt which made for a stunningly delicious biscuit. Sat at the heart of each cookie were two thin splodges inner milk chocolate creme than ran length ways. The creme not only added a much needed bit of moistness to the biscuit but also some creamy, chocolaty flavours that nicely enhanced the divine flavours of the biscuit. The whole box of ten cookies lasted me only two sittings - it was very much a case of 'just one more' as they were ridiculously moreish.

Overall these have to be one of the most surprising products I have reviewed this year - they were utterly fantastic. I keep trying to tell you all I am not the greatest biscuit/cookie fan but given products like these and the Oreo Double Stuff Mint cookies I can tell you that my opinion is quickly changing. Reading the product description on J-List it seems that these have a bit of an iconic status in the cartoon and having tasted them I can really understand why. Whether you a fan of that genre of entertainment or not, all that simply matters here is whether you enjoy cookies. If the answer to that question is yes I suggest you give these a try.

8.7 out of 10