July 17th: Niederegger Marzipan Ginger

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

I think it is pretty widely known that I am generally a big proponent when it comes to most Niederegger products and Dean-German-Grocery haven't exactly been backward in regards to supplying me with their products. Most products of theirs I have tried I have enjoyed and until recently I thought they were untouchable in the marzipan sector ... that was until Zentis proved they could be equally skilled with their marzipan craftsmanship. Given the previous I was pretty excited at todays Niederegger offering as it combined several of my favourite ingredients. 'Bitter sweet chocolate with ginger marzipan' certainly sounded a tempting prospect to me.

Niederegger have some funky product formats but this one came in a standard 100.0g bar. The packaging was pretty attractive with the usual red colour background replaced with a differentiated yellow theme. As with other high quality products this one was protected in both a foil layer and cardboard sheaf to ensure that the bar remained in top condition. Altogether I was very impressed by the presentation of the product - because it was Niederegger I wasn't all that surprised. The chocolate looked appetising with a plentiful helping of marzipan whilst it emanated a spicy ginger smell that set my expectations even higher.

I hate repeating myself but sometimes it is just necessary and ultimately impossible not to do so. I wish I could say the chocolate was of a great standard here but if I did I would frankly be lying. It was by no means terrible by any stretch of the imagination but just like any other Niederegger product it lacked the true quality that the accompanying marzipan deserved. At best the cocoa flavours were shallow and altogether what I would describe as muffled as the flavours never developed enough to deliver a true chocolate hit. Your probably thinking that if the chocolate was that disappointing the marzipan would of had to have been something special to get an 8.0 in the taste test ... it was! Conversely to the chocolate the marzipan was bursting full of different flavour tangents with the taste rooted in the delicious dough flavours that I now instantly recognise as Niederegger. In addition to the bread like undertone the almond nut flavours were evident from the outset and were nicely complimented by the additional ginger element. The ginger wasn't perhaps as strong as the smell suggested it might be but it was enough to leave a lasting impression in the mouth.

Overall I can't deny that I didn't enjoy this product, however on reflection I am a firm believer that if something isn't broken it shouldn't be fixed. By this I mean that the marzipan didn't quite need the extra ginger - I thought it was nice nonetheless but I would have been happier with just being able to savour the marzipan in its usual form. As I have said so many times before I can't deny that Niederegger marzipan isn't of the highest quality ... it simply is. Niederegger have their marzipan recipe spot on - they just need a little work (or reformulation) on their chocolate! In regards to this bar I would recommend it if you fancy a little change up from the traditional Niederegger offering ... personally though I think I might just stay with the original.

7.9 out of 10