July 18th: The Original Cookie Dough Bites Dark Chocolate

Kcal 200 Fat 10.0g Fat(sats) 6.0g Carbs 26.0g (per 40.0g)

Today I took another trip to the cinema and another look at a variant from Taste of Nature's Cookie Dough Bites range. The movie - Bruno ... the Cookie Dough Bites - Dark Chocolate. My opinion on the movie was that it didn't reach the levels of hilariousness of Borat, which by my estimation is one of the funniest films ever made. Whilst the movie was disappointing I at least got my chance to get to grips with these cookie dough bites covered in dark chocolate thanks to CandyPirate. Having tried the Milk Chocolate & Fudge Brownie flavours already I was hoping for similarly positive things from these.

It seems a little silly running through the finer details of the packaging as I have already done it twice before (with two flavours after this one still remaining also!) ... so I will keep this short. Just like the previous the bites came in an 88.0g box that contained one single plastic packet with the large pea sized pieces contained within. The outer packaging used the same design and font work, however incorporated a purple coloured background which I thought represented the dark chocolate flavour well enough. Inside I was surprised to see that the outer chocolate was a little lighter in colour than I was expecting. That said I did perceive a relatively nice chocolaty smell that gave the proposition at hand a little more promise.

Despite Sasha Baron Cohen's camp antics proving relatively distracting I did manage to focus enough on these to substantiate an opinion on the taste for me to write about. Just as I thought like most mass confection dark chocolates the chocolate was not 'dark' as such but more unsweetened in its taste. In comparison to the Milk Chocolate variant I didn't really perceive any greater impetuous from the strength of the cocoa flavours but what I did notice was that the dark chocolate here lacked the sweetness of the aforementioned which made the taste a little less monotonous and more multi channeled. Whilst I enjoyed the Milk Chocolate variant I felt the sugaryness of the chocolate and the cookie dough filling made for a rather one dimensional taste and that there wasn't much of a distinction to be made between the two layers. Things were a little different here as the dark chocolate was more differentiated which meant the taste progressed from the chocolate to the cookie dough more noticeably. The chocolate first substantiated a fair chocolaty base taste that when melted away then revealed the sugary, wheat flavours of the inner cookie dough. Once again I shared these with friends meaning I got around a third of a pack at most - this proved to be a decent enough amount.

Overall these are my favourite I have tried from the range so far as I thought the dark chocolate worked a little better than the previously reviewed Milk Chocolate. Although Bruno the film was a little bit of a damp squib at least I was able to munch down on a pretty decent snack that I certainly enjoyed. The dark chocolate was never going to be of the highest quality but at the same time I thought its unsweetened nature worked better than previous chocolate coatings from this range which have proved to be a little on the sweet side. If your looking for a decent enough cinema snack you would do little wrong having a look at these.

7.5 out of 10

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