July 22nd: Prinzen Rolle

Kcal 174 Fat 7.2g Fat(sats) 4.7g Carbs 13.0g (per 2 biscuits)

It is amazing what a pack of foreign biscuits can do for you. I swear I have gone from being the 'new guy' at work to everones new 'best mate' with the simple gift of a pack of biscuits that I contributed to the office tea area. Mind you I can't take full credit - Dean-German-Grocery supplied with these biscuits as they are a product manufactured in Deutschland. These Prinzen Rolle came described as 'dopplekeske mit kakaocreme-fullung' ... or in english 'two biscuit pieces with a chocolate cream filling'.

I brought two packs (100.0g each) into my office that contained about 8 or so biscuits. Thankfully I managed to nab two myself prior the rest of my co workers demolished them before the clock hit 11am. In regards to presentation I thought the packaging was all rather standard with the packet constructed using a simple thin plastic layer and basic illustratives and fonts to communicate the contents. The biscuits themselves were rather large and seemed to contain a plentiful chocolate creme layer sandwiched between the biscuit pieces. Despite the plastic layer being rather thin the biscuits remained unbroken despite the significant amount of travelling they did to reach me. In regards to smell they emanated a sweet malty smell that was certainly what I would regard as tempting.

Lets start off with getting the negatives out the way - one thing that really disappointed me about these was the fact that it was impossible to separate the biscuit pieces from the cocoa creme. If you don't have the foggiest what I am on about click HERE - unfortunately this wonderful biscuit procedure just couldn't be performed - heaven knows why but this bothered me just a little. Moving away from my bizarre eating method annoyances the biscuits tasted pretty good. I thought the outer biscuits lacked a little direction in their flavours and could have probably just done with a touch of both brown sugar and salt to really bring to life the pretty bog standard wheat and malt flavours. Conversely the cocoa creme needed no fine tuning at all. It had a very smooth texture and delivered a creamy chocolaty hit that was simply delicious. Despite only managing to grab two they proved to be a worthwhile snack and settled my mid morning munchies until lunch.

Overall these were on the whole some pretty standard biscuits yet nonetheless received good reviews from all who indulged on them in my office. The actual biscuit element was really nothing too special but the cocoa creme was notably excellent. As far as chocolate biscuits go I wouldn't say that these were anything worthy of getting overly hyped up about. At the same time though I would suggest that if your mad about your chocolate biscuits I think that you would probably really enjoy trying them. However for those like me that enjoy deconstructing (aka playing haha) with your biscuits before eating them - you might just want to stay clear ... a biscuit that you can't break apart ... I never :)

7.5 out of 10