July 26th: 7Days of Chocolate Reviews - Edition 7

Lets have a look what has gone in the last 7 days of ChocolateMission ...

The ChocolateMission Omnibus:

This week I took a look at two different Lindt summer offerings with the first being the Lindt Carribean Dream and later on Lindt's Tropical Temptation bar. Both managed to score over 8.0 and were met with positive feedback from readers such as Susanne, Brody and Phil who all spelled out their desire to try them.

Tuesday saw me tuck into the latest offering from New Zealand - Whittaker's Zestful Dark Orange which scored a very high 9.0. This one seem to catch the eye of Mark and Lu who made clear their love for dark chocolate and orange combinations.

Later into the week I touched upon the fine skill of breaking up biscuits with my review of the Prinzen Rolle, before I yesterday had the unfortunate experience of trying Otsuka's Calorie Mate Chocolate Blocks ... the latter of which was truly terrible BLEUH!

As noted by an anonymous poster yesterday everything came from far afield this week - I will be sure to bring you all some UK products in the coming days.

News from the Chocolate Market:

* Following on from the article I posted a few weeks ago this press release has some more information on the new products being released by Divine Chocolates in the near future. See HERE

* Cadbury have now got their new fairtrade bars into distribution - don't get too excited everyone it is just the standard Dairy Milk collection with some new wrappers (they look quite cool though!) See HERE

* Nestle have outlined their Xmas plans for this year ... looks like After Eight and Quality Street are the brands getting most the media spend backing. See HERE

* This one was submitted by Susanne and Phil during the week - Nestle UK have announced the launch of the Kit Kat Chunky Caramel ... lets pray it is as good as the one I reviewed from New Zealand. See HERE

* McVities are launching Milk Chocolate & Orange digestives .... mmm yes please! See HERE

* Mars are the latest manufacture to play on everyones nostalgic feelings with the relaunch of 'Treets' ... I can't remember them myself but they sound nicely to me. See HERE

* Heidi recommended I try this brand earlier in the week ... If Al Nassma gets launched here in the UK it will be a lot easier to do so. See HERE

Posts from other Blogs I enjoyed this week:

* TastingChocolates - This is a new site set up by ChocolateMission reader Chris. He is focusing on reviewing finer chocolates from around the globe. I really enjoyed reading his review of the Malagasy Mora Mora bar. See HERE

* ChocaBlog - Simon got stuck in into the Thorntons Milk Chocolate with Tonka Bean bar and gave it a similarly positive review to my own. See HERE

* GiGi Reviews - Tried the awesome looking Dove Peanut Butter Silky Smooth Chocolate. Damn Galaxy chocolate with peanut butter sounds awesome to me. GiGi thought it was relatively good but nothing special. See HERE

* Second Rate Snacks - Rice Krispie Squares vs Marshmallow Squares Crispy Rice ... surely there can only be one winner? See HERE

Question of the Week:

'Where do you buy most your chocolate from?'

... for me it depends on where its coming from ...

UK - where ever :D